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Hostelz.com's Review
PodShare is the best hostel! It is very small, so it is very easy to meet everybody staying there. It is also the most modern hostel we know (except for the fact that it is cash only).

The Location

The hostel is very conveniently located in Hollywood, on a small, quiet street perpendicular to Hollywood Boulevard. It is close to the Hollywood/Vine subway station and it is cheaply accessible by public transport from both LAX and the Greyhound station. You will need to pay attention to the e-mail they send you when you reserve a room, because there is a picture of the hostel entrance in it. The entrance is not marked at all, and the number in the address refers to the address next door (to the left). The hostel is the first entrance on the right on Cosmo Street, coming from Hollywood Boulevard.

Rooms and Bathrooms

There are only two rooms -- a dorm on the ground floor and a private room upstairs. The dorm has twelve bunk beds/pods, but each one is isolated from its neighbours by a wall and a floor or ceiling, effectively making the spaces into small cells rather than bunk beds. There is a lot of space, so you will be able to keep your backpack in your pod. Everything is custom built and only a few years old, so it's very new and clean. Each pod has an electrical outlet, as well as a TV with earphones.

The bathroom is very large, and very new/modern as well. It has a shower as well as a sink and toilet. There is free soap and shampoo, as well as hairdryers/flat irons/curlers available for use. It is the kind of bathroom you would see in a modern condo rather than a hostel.

Common Spaces

There are two common spaces -- a small area near the reception and the kitchen. They are both small, but it's enough for a small hostel such as this one. There is a large flat-screen TV in the main sitting area. There is a small kitchen area that can be used for cooking meals, and a fridge/freezer for storage. Due to the size of the hostel, it is very easy to meet people, but if you don't want to mingle, you can sit in your pod as it big enough to sit comfortably and somewhat privately.


This is our favourite hostel to date. It's a little more expensive than most hostels in Los Angeles, but it is worth it. It is different in a very good way, and it is very unlikely that you'll regret staying there.

by Monica
Hostelz.com Staff Reviewer
January 2013

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Hostelz.com Guest Reviews
4   Super Beforehand, I want to say I apologize I hadn't had my things packed, forgot when I took off the AM of checkout. (someone packed it when I returned later.) Everything was great. I guess I didn't mark it excellent only because when one of the 2 nice gentlemen kindly packed my things, they left out the headphones. They were white and clearly visible, and I noticed they were no longer on the wall shelf, so I assumed they were packed away. They were lent to me by someone else.  , usa ()
5   Great Setup This is a fantastic setup. It's a wonderful, open hearted atmosphere to live in, and is possibly the most convenient location you could ever hope for. I wouldn't want to stay anywhere else in LA.  , US ()
5   Great place! I have lots of good things to say about Podshare! It was my first time in LA, travelling solo, and as soon as I walked into Podshare I loved the place! Elvina is awesome, and she's created this space that feels chill & friendly, really neat too! The pods are cosy, the location is good for exploring the city, it's just a cool vibe here. The best thing about this place is the people. It's small enough to feel like a share house, where everyone gets to know each other & there's always someone to hang out with. I made some great friends here. Next time I'm in LA I'll be back here in the pod, for sure!  , Australia ()

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