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Jazz on the Park Hostel

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3   Fab location, not so great facilities We couldn't ask for a better location for our trip right opposite Central Park and a short walk from the subway. Also there is a corner shop that does cheap breakfasts and $1 coffee! This was great for us as the hostel has no kitchen to speak of. There is a microwave and a fridge but that's all and no pots or even cups to use. We managed ok because we were only there a few days so could eat out but for travelers on a budget and staying longer it might create a problem! Otherwise great stay.  , age 24, UK ()
5   Fan-f***ing-tastic Great hostel, great people, great times. If you're lucky enough to meet Maria at reception she will rock your world!  , age 23, New Zealand ()
5   Best Hostel in NYC!! I have been staying in hostels in NYC for 10 years.Jazz on the Park is THE best hostel in the city. Period, full stop! Security, cleanliness, location, activities, and price are the best. IN Manhattan. Not Queens, Not Bronx, Not Brooklyn! A lot of travelers don't understand that Manhattan IS NYC. While technically the other boroughs are part of New York City, Manhattan is where everything is located. Times Square, 5th Ave. shopping, Central Park, MOMA, NYU, Wall Street. I also have to give Pedro at the front desk a shout as he goes beyond being just helpful and friendly!  , USA ()
1   Horrible! Never again! This stay was nothing but stress! The bunk beds almost fall apart once you climb up there, the beds are more than uncomfortable, the bugs are walking through the bed, the bathrooms are disgusting you don't want to touch anything even the door handles are sticky as hell, almost no possibilities to hang it lay your things somewhere while showering (except on dirty places), the stuff is not welcoming and for every single thing such as internet, luggage storage they charge extra money! What a bad hostel!!! Don't book it!!  , age 31, Denmark ()
2   Dirty the hostel doesn't offer breakfast as it says in the website, and when i mention the receptionist was not nice and said "yes, the website is wrong". I stayed in the first floor and there was no bathroom, so everytime i had to go to the second floor to use it ... the bathrooms are dirty and disgusting. it's annoying.  , brazil ()
3   Unhelpful I reserved a bed for a night about 36 hours in advance. When I went there, I was told that I cannot stay because I am a resident of New York state. It was apparently some sort of a rule, and it says so somewhere (in some corner) in their website. I got back to them about an hour later and told them its already 9PM saturday night and all other hostels are full and I have nowhere to go, but they simply wouldn't let me stay, not even for one night. I AM an international student, only thing is, I am on a long-term visit to NY. I am not saying nothing is my fault, all I am saying is, 1. the staff is not very understanding, and unwilling to help you out when you're caught up by some stupid rule, and 2. they don't flash such an important rule in the monitor when you make your reservation and give your credit card details in advance. Tell you what, I was told that I'll still be charged some 70 odd bucks. for what, Jazz? Bottom line, don't expect any help from them if you find yourself in a tough situation.  ()
3   Horrible price-quality ration, but then it is NYC Had a private 2p room. It was fine, nothing special, but did pay over 80 dollars a night. Walls were thin so you could hear the water pipes pretty loudly, and the curtains were very light. Staff was not very friendly. No free wifi. Conclusion, for any other place, it would've been a 1 or 2 star rating, but seeing as everything in NYC is expensive, it's average.  , Netherlands ()
2   Brothel central I recently stayed at the Hostel on recommendation from a friend. The location is great, just off central park and close to the subway and the staff are very friendly. I found the rooms decently clean. However, our whole stay there, people where having sex in the small showers (bring flip flops, don't go barefoot), sex in the bathroom stalls, sex in the rooms when the girls and guys rooms are separated. I walked in on two teenagers on the second floor getting drunk and high at 1am in a toilet stall, the people decide it is ok to go stand outside in the courtyard and talk on the top of their lungs about anything and everything at all hours of the night, sometimes blasting music with no consideration that everyone can hear them in the rooms (windows shut). I could hear rats chewing something in the dark at night and teenagers running rampant slamming doors to the washroom the stairs and their room. Disrespectful. We where only there a few days but will never go again. Suck up the expense and go to a hotel.  , U.S ()
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