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Fusion Guesthouse

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Fusion Guesthouse is a warehouse/arts space-turned-"hostel" in the heart of Salvador's old town with a vibe so laid-back it's practically horizontal.

The Location

It is a few meters down a cobbled street just off the central Praca de Se in the Pelourinho neighbourhood. It's an easy stroll to the Pelo's attractions and restaurants. Buses will connect you with ease to other parts of the city to explore and to the bus station and airport. The hostel's website makes it sound like it will be a nightmare to find, but it's actually incredibly simple. Just head to the square and take the street opposite the statue (Rua do Bispo) and keep your eyes peeled for the small "Fusion" sign on a door on the right hand side of the road (a one-minute walk from Praca de Se).

Rooms and Bathrooms

Rooms here are a ramshackle affair. The second floor of the big open space has been tenuously divided into dorms and "private" rooms using large wooden boards that don't even reach all the way to the ceiling (sheets do the job of the top of the wall) -- think giant cubicles. All of the rooms are laid out this way, and while the private rooms do have doors, the dorm dwellers just have to make do with a makeshift curtain. Surprisingly, given the openness of the space, it actually isn't too noisy. The rooms have giant locking cupboards to store your belongings. The open plan element of the hostel extends to its potentially lethal staircase too. It has no sides, just loose netting, so make sure you don't slip while carrying a backpack up them!

The dormitory beds are three-tier skyscrapers but custom built from wood, and, as a result, pretty sturdy in spite of their loftiness. The mattresses are just sponge and the sheets we were given were still wet and smelled of sweat and dampness. The linen laundry is done by hand in the shower, and during our stay sat in the same stagnant bucket for four days until it was hung out to dry, which explains the stale smell and dampness.

In terms of bathrooms, there are only two toilets, both located on the ground floor. It is a proper mission if you have to go down two flights of stairs in the middle of the night (even more so if you are on the top bunk)! A grotto-like building outside houses three cold showers. The water supply failed a few times for several hours during our Carnival stay (apparently due to higher than usual usage), which created bathroom carnage.

Common Spaces

The first floor is a giant, open room displaying artwork, with a couple of hammocks, mats, and no other furniture. There's a big sound system and loud but chilled music plays during the day. There is a sort of bar though it's unclear if it is ever used. It is surprising (though some may be glad) that this space isn't really used for any night time parties. Even during Carnival, it is all very low key. On the ground floor there's a patio with one table (finally, a seat!) and a semi-outdoor kitchen just about good enough to rustle up something simple, though it's a bit grubby.


Fusion Guesthouse is a cheap, informal option for easygoing backpackers only. If you get on board with the mellowness of the (some say creepy) staff and think of it as hanging out in an artists' warehouse rather than a hostel, you'll get on fine. It's not polished and facilities are lacking but it's ok as a cheapie for a couple of nights. It's still very overpriced during Carnival, though.

by Laura T
Hostelz.com Staff Reviewer
March 2014
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4   Really nice -- Highly recommended I stayed there for 4 nights early Apr 2014. Alfredo was so nice and friendly. It felt like staying at a friend's place. All guests were friendly. Space is really nice. High ceilings. Great location. Free wifi. Kitchen. Night activities. No breakfast. I highly recommend it.  , Canadian ()

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