Fat Margaret's




(Location is approximate. You may need to pan/move to find "Fat Margaret's" at Pohja pst 27.)


Pohja pst 27, Tallinn, Harju County, Estonia
59.444240, 24.749029
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Great location, dirty hostel
Good -- Location, price, spacy kitchen, sauna. Bad -- We stayed in hostel during the end of autum and the beginning of winter. Despite the fact that there was cold temperature outside, our room was without heating. The alternative -- small electric heating ventilator, which is actually very uncomfortable for using. If you use it, after few minutes you start to feel how your skin is getting dryer, and the breathing is going worse. So it is almost impossible to warm the room with that ventilator. Moreover, we stayed in 2 room, and the kitchen, showers, toilets were in the basement. So if you want to go to toilet at night, you walk three minutes upside-down, using very slippery and dangerous stairs. There was a toilet in our floor also, but it was so dirty, without sink and even without recycle bin! The worst impression was, that in no one WC there were no recycle bins! So if you are a women and have some used hygiene rubbish -- you got to go to the kitchen (where everyone at the moment are eating) and throw your mess in the bin, located near food! It was terrible, i can't believe that there are no bins in none toilet. Sure, the cleanness of the room also was bad. We reserved a private room, and it was with dirty floors and dirty chairs. And no wardrobe where you could stock you things. So our clothes and else all the time were just on the ground. We stayed 6 nights and no one came to clean room, take the rubbish or change the towels. I wouldn't go there again, because i prefer more hygiene places, but if cleanness is not a big matter for you, go there and have some great dirty holidays!
Age 25, Lithuania
Good value for money. most guests seem to be very quiet couples.
suitable location if you arrive by plane, train, bus, or ferry. not too many stairs to climb with your luggage. car parking space available. hot water seemed to have run out on one of the 4 occasions i wanted to shower. other times, good and hot. comfortable bed and pillow. no bunk beds! spacious rooms. delightful staff with useful local knowledge. they are also open to dealing with small requests and will address problems if guests make the effort to tell them that the kitchen bin is full and needs emptying, or if the toilet paper has run out in one of the toilets, for example. a big bonus -- 2 choices of common room. the kitchen/cosy dining/sitting room, behind reception, or the tv/internet room, upstairs. a balcony off the upstairs common area is particularly useful for smokers, and it is appreciated when they remember to close the door behind them so their smoke doesn't waft back into the common area. reasonable kitchen, although the fridge needs to be monitored better as lots of food is crammed onto the shelves and has been left behind, (unnamed/unlabelled/undated) i suspect! very good wifi. so, everything is in place for people to have a pleasant, quiet stay in this hostel, or to mix, socialise and make new acquaintances. over the long weekend i have stayed here, guests were international, of all ages, but mostly, very closed and insular -- couples just wanting a low cost hotel room alternative. that is not the fault of the hostel. still, if you are a relaxed, open, friendly traveler, you should find some interesting people to talk to. i was fortunate to meet two likeable guys, a friendly guy, a sweet couple and a well traveled lady. her photos from super places outside of tallinn and tartu were inspirational. just one drawback for my needs -- no individual security lockers. no place for cameras, laptops, wallets to be kept safe 'under lock and key'. still, overall, out of the 8 hostels i have stayed in over the past few years, in tallinn, this is definitely one of my preferred top 2.

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