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HI - Oslo Rønningen Hostel

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Oslo Hostel Rønningen YMCA offers a place to stay including breakfast in the neighborhood of Kjelsås. The hostel is near downtown Oslo, yet is in an area that invites many outdoor activities.

Oslo Hostel Rønningen YMCA is run by Rønningen Folkehøgskole and is a member of De Norske Vandrerhjemmene. The hostel is open from May 20 to August 20. We have both single rooms and double rooms, as well as arrangements for groups. All rooms are in the school's dormitory.


* TV lounge
* Internet (with broadband connection)
* Close to downtown Oslo
* Billiard Table
* Table Tennis
* Peaceful campus
* Volleyball
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Hostelz.com Guest Reviews
1  This place provided me with one of the strangest nights of my life. I slept on a gymnasium floor on a flimsy mat with many very hairy men. The man next to me snored loudly. A nearby fellow laid bare on his mat wearing nothing but black bikini briefs. Another gent was having some kind of night tremors and began shouting, flailing and muttering in a foreign tongue. I was afraid most of the night. If you are a female travelling alone, find somewhere else!  ()
3  Oslo Vandrerhjem Rønningen. This hostel is a little hard to get to. Take tram 10 or 12 to Storo, then bus 55 (Grefsen stadion) or 56 (Solemskogen). If you take bus 55 you need to walk uphill (Myrerskogveien) until you see the sign for the hostel. It's a good bit of exercise I'm afraid (especially the uphill part), and you will probably need a map to find the hostel. A better bet is to take bus 56, and a short walk downhill. The whole experience is a real trial if you have any heavy luggage (seriously). And at the hostel you may see more stairs (we did). This is a great hostel if you're driving. It also has a lot of outdoor space, a volleyball net, and an awesome common room with table games, billiards, and board games. This common room is huge, to accomodate many nice sofas and chairs, tables for the board games. There's even a TV. Super nice breakfast is included too. The rooms are large with lots of storage space. Most of the rooms are for 4 people, two bunk beds, and lots of closets. Bring your own, or rent sheets from reception. Towels can be rented too. The toilets were pretty dirty though. The men's shower is in front of a large window, no covering, no privacy from the house on the hill behind the hostel. The women's shower room, however, is large (3 showers), nice floors and very clean, no uncovered windows and a lockable door. The guest kitchen was very functional, including a refridgerator and a stove. Unfortunately the pot/pan selection was limited (but not unusable). There was plenty of seating here, so if everyone decided to eat in the kitchen, there would be room. There is a laundry room, and the usage of the waher/dryer is free, but the room is a little dirty. The hostel is pretty quiet, no groups of rowdy youngsters or party people (whichever you call 'em). This could be good or bad, but this hostel is not conveniently located if you are up for clubbing and then returning to the hostel late at night. Check the time for the last bus of the day, because you do not want to be walking to this hostel! Finally, in the reception there is a lot of tourist and public transport infornation for Oslo. This hostel was also a good price.  , USA ()

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