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Alaska Youth Hostel

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Hostelz.com Guest Reviews
1   Horrible hotel in general I won't recommend to anyone cause the owner has bad temper and not friendly. You can find any hostel better than this one. Anyway I cannot stand with sleeping with 20 people in one single room.  , age 22, Japanese ()
1   Stay away if you're a woman Jerks, druggies, alcoholics, rejects of society flourish here. If you're female, stay away from hostels in general.  ()
5   Clean and comfortable, cheap We'll, I've stay there for a little over a month, they have really good price compare to other hostels in town, $350 for 28 days, I really like it. The stuff there is vary friendly, but they don't have a front desk, always use phones to call them when I need help. Everything works really good, I would say, call them before u wanna check in, cause they are not always around all the time, and get a bus pass or a car.  , age 35, Usa ()
4   Good Nice facilities. Friendly guests. A little inconvenient to get to -- without a car. Clean. Everything worked.  , age 72, USA ()
4   Could be a VERY fun place if it were taken care of better My boss tells me that back in the 1960s, this used to be the home of a crooked strip-mall developer called Zaparilo or something. It is a sweet, old-school mansion and his wife once had it painted purple, but it's white now. Anyway, pool is great, sauna is awesome, hot tub doesn't work. Some windows are broken and the window in my bathroom had a friggin' plastic bag for a handle. Bedrooms have individual pass-codes which is nice, but I still locked my guitar to a water pipe with one of those safety locks you use for guns. My room mates were weird and angry, shouting at themselves or me in half-english, half-korean. So as long as they're gone, you're good! The neighborhood is safe and clean and quiet for the city. Very close to trails and Pt. Woronzof, Earthquake Park. Main drawback is there's only one bus line in the area and it only runs hourly and travels a particular roundabout route. There was some light construction / renovation going on when I was there so they're working on it. With a little effort, this place could be top-notch. And boy, if those walls could talk!  , age 28, Brooklyn ()
1   This place sucks because of the people who stay there long term most of the people who stay there long term are drug users and or alcoholics. they do not allow use on the property ,but people come in every day drunk and high. there are heated arguments almost every day and some times the arguments are in the wee hour of the morning like 2 am.  , age 53, USA ()
2   Management not so good cool old place. drug infested though.  , usa ()
4   Clean, unfriendly management Don't bring any concerns to management -- they don't want to hear it! Broken toilet seat for more than a month, front door return broken, asked about exhaust fan in bathroom that was beginning to slow -- it finally did in December. coffee and breakfast does not arrive till 8 am. The only time that it comes out early is if international tourists are in the house. There is a real sense of disdain towards the local who live there. very confrontational toward us.  , american ()
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