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Colombian Hostel

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Colombian Hostel is small in capacity and although described as being near the bus station station, this is relative in a city of two-and-a-half million inhabitants. A taxi from the bus station will cost you and take up to forty minutes at rush hour.

The Location

There are restaurants, bars, a couple of supermarkets, an off-license, and chemist within three minutes' walk. Due to its situation, the dorm to the front of the hostel is noisy during the day but the other rooms to the back consequently are far less noisy.

Rooms and Bathrooms

There are two dorms and two private rooms and all but one of the private rooms share one bathroom on the first floor. The four- and six-bed dorms come with bunks and two single beds. The rooms are spotless, the linen is clean, and the pillows are good. The floors are tiled. There is no furniture. The dorms to the rear of the property have a balcony but no view. There is no fan.

There are two bathrooms in the hostel for those staying in dorms. There is a toilet and sink on the ground floor and a bathroom with shower on the first floor as previously mentioned. This one is large and spacious. There was no hot water on this visit, but given the heat of Cali, this might not be problem. The bathrooms are both spotless and liquid soap, toilet paper, and towel are provided free.

Common Spaces

There is a spacious, modern, open-plan area that covers the whole ground floor. There is free Wi-Fi for guest use; a large fan; a comfortable, stylish seating area with cable TV, DVD player, and a selection of films. There are leaflets and information on a board about tours, other hostels in Colombia and magazines and a Spanish-to-English dictionary. There is also a kitchen with a cooker, a fridge, and coffee maker. You also get a coffee and croissant breakfast included in the price. To the rear there is a small, open-air seating area with dumbbells.


This is the cheapest place we could find online in Cali by far and we expected to get less bang for our buck. This proved not to be the case -- we found a scrupulously clean and tidy modern hostel, free Wi-Fi, free breakfast, and good amenities. This place is a bargain.

Exclusive Hostelz.com Review
August 2011

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5   Great Place This hostel has a very nice set up and it's super clean. Nice furniture, floors, bathrooms, etc. It is a great combination of socializing and peace. That is, when you need to freakin sleep, you can sleep. Mauricio, the owner, is really cool. You can tell he really enjoys his job. He and I had some pretty deep, funny conversations. Thursday night we all went out salsa dancing and had a great time. The guy really goes out of his way to take care of you. In fact, they even cook you breakfast for free! It's a pretty good light meal to get your day started. I met a bunch of cool people I went out with too. And I Took salsa classes there with Victor. Dude, is a really good teacher. I can't say enough about this place. Probably the best hostel I've ever stayed at. And it's in an ideal location.  , age 32, U.S. ()

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