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Hostel Santantao

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Hostelz.com's Review
On arriving at Hostel Santantao, we were greeted by the very helpful and friendly owner of this great hostel right in the centre of Old Town Evora.

The Location

Hostel Santantao is located within the walled city of Evora right on one of the main squares, Praca do Giraldo. It is about a ten-minute walk to the bus or train station, so it is easy to access from the rest of Portugal. The main attractions of Evora are mainly within the city walls, so this hostel is perfect to explore them all on foot as well as there being plenty of shops and cafes right on the square.

Rooms and Bathrooms

The hostel offers five rooms -- three six-bed dorms, a four-bed dorm, and a private twin room. Each bed has its own reading lamp as well as a locker with key, so no need to worry about your own lock. And the beds are quite comfortable. The two Giraldo rooms also have balconies overlooking the square, perfect for people watching. There are only two bathrooms, though, so it is quite often a fight for them and if two people are showering, then you can’t use the toilet. There were a few almost-out-of-toilet-paper moments, too, so we think they need to work on putting more toilet paper out to avoid these issues.

Common Spaces

The hostel has three common areas -- the kitchen, which has a hob, microwave, and fridge as well as a small dining table; a larger table area upstairs as well as a bookcase filled with Portugese travel guides and more; and a gorgeous terrace on the top floor where you can eat breakfast or just relax and watch the town go by. Breakfast is included but it is quite basic with bread and an assortment of jams as well as tea/coffee and biscuits. But the bread is really nice. This is not a particularly social hostel and most people tend to be passing through on one-night stays. Free Wi-Fi is also available on all floors. The hostel is also quite secure as the front door is locked at about 10 p.m. so no one else can get in.


Hostel Santantao is perfect for a quick trip to enjoy Evora -- just be aware that the owner does seem a little lonely, so he is always looking for people to talk to, which can seem a little overbearing. And the upstairs terrace is not to be missed for perfect views across Evora out into the countryside.

by keppers
Hostelz.com Staff Reviewer
December 2011

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