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Wild Rover Backpackers Hostel Arequipa

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The smallest of the self-proclaimed “South America's Best Threesome” in the chain, Wild Rover Backpackers Hostel Arequipa is still very much in the fashion of the other Wild Rovers, but somehow the influence of Arequipa town manages to tone it down slightly. There appears to be a wider variety of nationalities here; it's also more airy and the pool bar is only open until 3 p.m., making the hostel much more chilled out than its brothers.

The Location

A short, relatively inexpensive taxi ride from the bus station and a five-minute walk from the stunning central plaza, Wild Rover is fantastically located. Nearby are plenty of great restaurants and laundrettes who offer cheaper and quicker services than the hostel itself. Between the hostel and the plaza is the pleasant surprise of an actual main shopping street that has absolutely no tourist agencies or shops, and not a packet of Oreos in sight. It's a real breath of fresh air when traveling the tourist hotspot cities of South America. Nonetheless, the centre of Arequipa is not huge and makes for a good walk, so even the most distant of attractions is not a burden to get to.

Rooms and Bathrooms

The rooms are similar to the other two Wild Rovers in layout and facilities. They vary in number of beds greatly but are never overly cramped; each bed is bigger than average, comfortable. Each bed is assigned a medium- to large-sized locker, provided you have your own padlock, and there are no locks on the dorm doors. Plug sockets are scarce and hard fought over, even in the larger rooms. There are two bathrooms each for males and females, and one slightly bigger unisex bathroom on the first floor. There are also two large sinks for hand-washing clothes.

Common Spaces

The main bar opens at 3 p.m. (before this time, only the casual pool bar is open). The pool itself is very small, but a pool in any hostel is a luxury; the area provides a good focal point for lounging about in the sun or watching sports on the television, or BBC news in the morning if no game is on. Breakfast, although only bread and jam, is also served here. The main bar itself is not huge and is quite a dark affair, although not as dingy as the adjoining pool room, which has the classic Irish pub decoration. Free Wi-Fi is prevalent throughout most of the hostel and two computers are available in reception as well, although they are frustratingly slow. The television room has a good selection of DVDs -- just be careful going in there late at night, as it often becomes a spot for what we'll call "romantic encounters." The book exchange and luggage storage are both located in reception.


The most lively hostel in Arequipa, or at least the hostel with the most lively reputation, still manages to absorb the city's relaxed attitude and never seems as busy as it actually is. Known as it is for a night spot, the hostel also attracts many locals, some much dodgier than others, although many are just after a drink and the shadier characters are outrageously easy to spot. The pool is also a nice touch, even if you won't be doing lengths in it.

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August 2011

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5   Love wild rover Great space. Great patio. Smallest bar of the three rovers but great spot and location.  , age 34, USA ()

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