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54 Wilmington Street, Ayr, Queensland, Australia
-19.570162, 147.406066 (accuracy not guaranteed)
+61 (7) 4783-5837
+61 (7) 4783-1668
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Horrible -- do not stay here!!!
Me and my mate came to Ayr and booked at this hostel from cairns, super strapped for cash. When arriving The owner and receptionist told us they had overbooked and that we could not stay there. she offered us Absolutely nothing for the inconvenience. We asked if we could share the one bed Available she said no. We asked for a mere ride to the next hostel because we had just walked our luggage 20 minutes in the blazing heat and again she said no. She was very rude and also made snide comments saying that another place would be "more our fit" whatever that means. This is just bad business. We were also told a price higher than was promised on phone when we initially got there before she realized she had overbooked. Extremely rude. Too many rules. Do not stay here!

Response from the accommodation: Hi Girls, thanks for the response. We decided to turn you away and sent you to a different Hostel because you were not happy with any of our basic Hostel rules when we were explaining them to you before check in. Unfortunately as we explained to you on the day if you do not agree with the Hostel rules then you can not stay in our Hostel for the good of everyone else in the Hostel who is enjoying themselves. We ensured that the other Hostel had beds before we sent you there. As we are a working Hostel we have to have a few basic rules as people are getting up very early in the morning for work. Also the bus station is less than 5 minutes walk from the bus station where you came from. We understand that is not always possible to please 100% of people and we are sorry that we did not suit you on this occasion. Mick.
Age 24, Canada
Great place
I stayed there a few years ago and had an amazing time. It's a hostel!!! Not a bloody 5***** hotel. If you're a backpacker, don't expect five star accommodation.I found the owners great and fun, met lots of great people too. I think the level was standard for most good hostels and totally fine.
Age 38, Irish
The hostel just changed host
The host throw away your stuff without notice even though you stay there. If you want to take back, you will find it in rubbish or never come back. I live there with another person and we put our bed on the floor. Marleen came when we were not at home and took mattress that we put it on the floor away!! That ridiculous and unbelievable! There is no respect for backpackers. If you argue with them, they will threaten you to call police and ask you to leave hostel even though they are fault.
Age 21, Germany
fun place to stay. plenty of work and drunken nights. great pubs, not far from shops. could use a few more bathrooms, fridges, and showers. other than that, a great place to stay for work and fun. lock up yours clothes -- mine and a mates were stolen.
Too many rules!
It's like being a teenagers again. There is too many rules for everything and you should expect to loose some clothes because even if you work and your clothes go on the ground, the maid took them and put in a big box. I stayed there almost 3 months. First, when we called to book beds, they said they don t take booking. This is not true but we were french and they didn t want us to come there. When we arrived, they explained that the job was really really hard and it would be better for us to go find something else. We stayed because i didn t have so many time to do my farm job. It s like the guy doesn t like young people, i wonder why he s doing such a job then and the wife, well ... too much smiles, sometimes it s strange. The guy always screamed after 10pm, saying "f....!!" It s not a way to behave with people who pay for a service. i didn t really care at the moment, i was just there to work and get out as fast as possible.
The place to be
The Wilmington House is where Ayr Backpackers is located, in the middle of a quiet neighbourhood surrounded by lush tropical vegetation. The hostel is often crammed, the kitchen is full of flies, there are just two showers for thirty beds, three toilets also for thirty beds, merciless mosquitos all over the place, and backbreaking jobs are available. TV room #1 has two channels and computers in it, TV room #2 is obsolete with pool table in it and mosquitos. Internet is available (two computers) and hardly convenient or cheap. Donna and Clint own the place and can help you, as long as you respect their privacy and don't hassle them too much, especially out of their office hours. The maid rinses the place every morning and you better be sleeping or being out of her sight for your own safety. There are some vans they let you use to go to work ($7 a day). If you sleep in, you lose the job and they put you on a list of people. The job is hard to say the best, but in a week or two your back is shaped like a U, as required. There are two major employers and other small farms in the area. The wage is $16-17 per hour. Sometimes, the employers forget some hours you worked or squeeze them according to their needs. At the end of the season, they told all the people I was working with not to show up the next day, 'cause the price was rock bottom. They called me for one last day of work, helping them to move stuff, but I'm pretty sure they forgot to pay me. Ayr is a 9,000-person town with a vibrant life.
Claudio Martinelli
Just great
I stayed here about two month and had a great time. Donna and Clint are really caring as long as you stick to their rules and try to supply you as quick as possible with work. Maybe too less showers, but you get used to wait a while. I just loved it and when Donna and Clint can't sell it I'll be back.
Ayr sums up Australia pretty well -- ignorant, racist, fifty years behind the times, and out to exploit travelers for every penny and drop of sweat they've got. The fact that this hostel even sends people out to Rosalie's farm shows the lack of concern it has for its guests. And in case my opinion needs verified by an example, when I stayed here, my "accommodation" was in a porch outside with no lock on the screen door (no actual door) and four bunk beds squeezed into it.

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