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In spite the exaggerated reputation that King's Cross has of being the cesspool of Sydney, Travellers Rest can be found on a quiet sidestreet just off the main drag. The sheltered tree-lined street is awash with several backpacker hostels and modern European cafe's. Close to all of the amenities, this hostel has built a reputation for providing accommodation to working travellers.

In light of its niche purpose as a worker's hostel, there is no common room and only a small kitchen that closes quite early. Consequently, social interaction amongst travellers is minimal. Activity winds down quickly in the evening as the guests go to bed early in preparation of the next working day. In other words, you won't find many drunken backpackers wreaking havoc in the halls late at night. What you're more likely to find is travellers who have been staying for long periods of time - even months!

One of the primary strengths of this hostel is Derek, the owner-operator. Derek is always willing to help out and provide advice, plus he can assist one in finding work. Within my first hour at the hostel, Derek provided me with the tools I needed to clean my skateboard bearings. Another key strength is the value proposition that the hostel offers. Relative to some of the hostels in Sydney, Travellers Rest is quite affordable, which is why many guests stay for lengthy periods. Similar to other hostels, the room rates decline as the lenth of stay increases.

The dorm rooms are quite nice, with carpeted floors and only 3-4 beds per room. Each room has a television, fridge and sink, while each bed has its own reading lamp. The kitchen is a little bit too small at peak periods, but is clean and functional. Overall, the hostel is in good condition and does not have a run-down feel. A great solution if you are serious about working in Sydney.

Exclusive Hostelz.com Review
April 2004
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Hostelz.com Guest Reviews
4   Nice backpacker Very good backpacker. Quiet and clean. Friendly staff.  , age 33, Swiss ()
5   Amazing Place My friend and i stayed at Zing for a couple weeks and we really enjoyed our stay, compared to a few other Hostels we stayed in it was much better. The staff was very helpful and friendly with us. comfortable beds clean rooms and nice outdoor common area and tv room was always clean and inviting. great kitchen and laundry services. would recommend checking it out.  , age 25, Canada ()
1   The free map was the best part of this hostel Nothing like what the photos show on the website. First they couldn't find my booking then they told me I'd have to switch room half way through my stay. The beds were old and creaky. I didn't get given a pillow. I stayed one night then had to re-book somewhere else.  , age 28, UK ()
5   Worthwhile! The Travellers Rest is really one of the best hostels in Sydney (and I have seen a lot!). It is near all the hot spots and pubs in the Kings Cross and only a short walk to Woolloomooloo. Bondi Beach (great place to celebrate the New Year) and Rose/Double Bay are also nearby. The rooms are quite big and most of them have their own kitchen and bathroom. I stayed in the Travellers Rest twice. When I lived as a backpacker in Oz in 1990/1991, I stayed there for five months and when I came back to Oz in 1998, again for a couple of nights. I remember the fun I had cooking together with my roommates and all the great parties with the other guests. Disadvantage of sharing a dormitory with four Kiwi's and scottish guys is that you might have to watch cricket test matches the whole day, but after a couple of days you might even enjoy that! Definitely a place to remember!  , Amsterdam, Holland ()
1   Dirty Room/Backpackers, Stubborn Attitude of Manager I paid for a bed in this backpackers for one week just before I went on holiday on 21 June 2008. When I came back and got the keys on 10 July 2008, I found the room to be extremely messy and dirty. There was a huge wet stain on my mattress. I asked for it to be changed. I found bathroom dirty, the sink (inside the room) and cupboards dirty, and rubbish was everywhere. I was so unhappy I decided I couldn't sleep in this place. I went and found a clean hostel/backpacker just down the same street. I went back to Travellers Rest and spoke to Peter the manager. I explained my reasons for being unhappy to stay there and asked for a refund (I paid for one week $125). He said sorry, no refunds. So I thought I would just put a bag, some clothes in the cupboard in my room, and also use the laundry/washing machine. No washing machine where I ended up. Two nights later, I came back to this room, found my bed slept in. I told one guy in the room, I have paid for this bed. Please do not use it. The next night, I came in again, saw someone's bags and things on "my bed." Since office was closed, I came back next morning and spoke to Peter. Why did he rebook my bed? He said, after I complained about the dirtiness, he thought I had left. So he sold my bed to someone else. I asked for a refund for those nights he resold it. Again, he refused. I said I had not returned the key to get back my key deposit. Why did you rebook my bed? He said I had taken off with his key! So I returned his key on 15 July 2008, got a receipt as proof. That morning, I made a complaint to Dept of Fair Trading and also made a complaint to NSW Health Authorities. On the internet, we cannot see the room. I was shown one room (to get idea of the set up of the dorm) but the actual condition of my room was terrible. You must ask to see the room before you accept it. Staff at the other hostel I went to told me that normally in such circumstances or if they have double booked a bed/room, they give refund without arguing. Peter was manager was not willing to consider my rights and was quite happy to sell my bed twice! I did not get what I paid for, a clean bed in a clean room!  , Malaysia ()
1   Poor bedbugs!  , Polish ()
5   A great and relaxed place! great for those who love privacy! We've stayed at Travellers Rest for almost a month during July 2006. The place was great, even for a long stay as ours -- we had a private room with the cutest balcony to bustling Victoria street, with a small fridge, TV, phone, a table to eat, heater. We really felt (and still remember the place) as it is a true "home away from home." Since we aren't the partying type of travelers (one of us had to do some research in Sydney Univ after a long trip), we were very happy with the fact that the social happening was all downstairs, and never heard any late night noise or anything. Though we didn't have a private bathroom, the one ten steps away felt clean and almost private -- never had to wait for a shower. The kitchen is well equipped, especially since people have their food stored in their own fridges. Last but definitely not least, Derek, the manager, is the nicest person we've met! Not only he helped us with information, he also took phone messages, helped with payment arrangements, and did everything he could think about to make our stay there a great experience! As we promised Derek, we will come back!  ()
5  I moved into the T.R. just before the Sydney Olympics in 2000 and left to go on traveling on the 4th June 2002. I stayed all that time and if i had the choice between the T.R and the Waldorf Astoria, Derek and Bob would win hands down every time. To me it was my home and i have never had a better landlord than Derek. Courteous, helpful, a go-out-of-his-way-to-help-you kind of guy. I can't sing his praises enough. Because the Hostel isn't some five-hundred-bed superstructure, it has that homey, family kind of feel. Everybody gets to know everyone else and when you're living out of a backpack it's good to make friends and settle down for a wee bit.  ()
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