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Lialy Inn

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Hostelz.com Guest Reviews
1   In fact "Dangerous" There is no 24 hour desk; a swarthy man come onto me, and I was afraid. Had paid for one week and stayed one night. At first the rooms look nice, and all -- but you are a prey.  , age 21, Europe ()
4   Excellent budget choice Considering the location, the price of less than 10 English pounds per night for a double room is very good. The place is clean, the breakfast adequate, the staff extremely helpful and friendly, and the hotel is ideally placed to visit any of Cairo's major sights. It also has the advantage of being on the second floor, which is considerably lower than most budget hotels in this area -- very useful because lifts dont work a lot of the time in Cairo! Internet is available at 5LE per hour and laundry at 1LE per item. You can also use the kitchen. The only downside is Mustafa -- the owner -- who tries very hard to sell you his tours but it isnt hard to say no and in the total of 9 days we were there (a block of 5 and another of 4) he was only in the hotel twice. The people he has working for him, however, are a delight. I have no hesitation in recommending the LIaly.  , English ()
1   Awful shady owner If you must stay here, book online because the owner ups the price from the online quotes. He is also a sleazy that made me so uncomfortable i left without staying the first night. Go ahead and book an overpriced tour with him -- you will be in the same bus with the same people who booked with a travel agent as a walk in. I say, stay away.  , usa ()
4   Very clean in comparison with other hostels in Cairo VERY secure, The employees are always available and I felt like I was home, NO curfew and the sheets were clean. Also bathroom in two ends of the building for easy access. TWO THUMBS UP! Will stay there next week also!  , Usa ()
1  Considering that this was a hostel, I wasn't expecting wonderful accommodations. I most certainly didn't get them. I stayed there in May of 2007. The cleanest thing in the hostel was the bathroom floors, because each guest that showers there is expected to squeegee the water in the direction of the floor drain. Sandpaper is softer than the towel I was given. The manager is as shifty as the touts that hassle you downstairs. We had to book another night with him, at an increased price, to get him to hold our baggage for the day before leaving on the night train to Luxor. If you don't book any tours through him, he cannot even be bothered to replace your roll of toilet paper, which you have to carry to and from the bathroom with you. The complimentary breakfast was forty-five minutes late. The only kind thing that I can say about this establishment is that when the management finally turns your air conditioning on it works great.  , USA ()
3  One of the cheapest hostels in Cairo! I was surprised by the big and spotless rooms. The staff is very nice, helpful, and reliable. If you are looking for a cheap, well located hostel in Cairo, go to the Lialy. If I ever go back to Cairo, i will go back to the Lialy.  ()
5  You'd think Lialy was terrible. I whole-heartedly disagree. The owner has been nothing but courteous and very very helpful, same goes for the staff. Comfortable clean rooms and reliable showers make a stay here a rather pleasant one. Excellent location too. Highly recommended.  ()
1  After staying in this hotel for less than a week, it is very obvious that the owner chases foreign women. The staff are definitely abusers and they will you rip you off as much as they can. The only good thing about it is that it's located downtown. I assume many hostels are, too.  ()
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