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HI - Portland, Hawthorne Neighborhood Hostel

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Description & Photos
Cob structure on the corner of our property.
Side yard with stage.Our green "living" wall
Our common area.The house.

Hostelz.com's Review
A cool little hostel located on Hawthorne, a young progressive area of Portland known for its bead stores, crafts shops, and coffee shops. It's located in Southeast Portland, which is on the other side of the river from downtown. It takes about 20 minutes by bus or 30 minutes by bike to get to downtown from the hostel.

The hostel was converted from an old house and it still feels like a house. Out front there is a nice big porch. The living room area has places to chat with people or sit and read. There's also a big kitchen. It's all brightly decorated with art and info about Portland all over the walls. The rooms and bathrooms are as nice and colorful as the rest of the hostel.

The guests are usually young and friendly, and it's a fairly quiet, but social hostel. There is a computer for internet access, but it's not cheap so you're better off using the free computers at the library. They do offer free wireless internet if you have a laptop with a wireless card. There's also a phone for free local calls. They don't allow locals and they require that you have a passport or proof that you traveled from somewhere else.

by David O.
Hostelz.com Staff Reviewer
February 2004
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Hostelz.com Guest Reviews
4  I had a great stay, and everyone was warm and friendly.  , age 35, usa ()
5   Nice place! I really enjoyed this hostel. The staff was nice, and they let me check in the morning after my arrival since my plane was delayed. Can't beat a free breakfast. Nice porch and outdoor space to relax. Bathrooms and room was clean. It gets a little warm at night if you are going to be there during the summer time. Good location, right next to a bus stop that will take you directly downtown. No complaints, would stay here again.  , age 26, USA ()
4   Good place to stay This hostel is a gread place for both a good nights rest and to make plans for your next steps. The hostel is easy to reach from city center, and there is an area with shops and lots to see just further down the street.  , Germany ()
4   Great vibe best location, great eco heart, great bike rentals, the staff member 'Happy' was awesome!! could do with another/better shower (the second one is very cramped). could do with power plugs or separate lamps near each bed.  , age 23, australia ()
4   Friendly staff, great location Eco friendly house turned hostel. Very friendly and helpful staff. Large rooms for a hostel. Multiple bathrooms, large communal kitchen. No complaints!  , age 22, USA ()
5   The budget place to stay in portland, weird in a nice way location, staff helpfulness, bathrooms, bed and sheets. quite charming and good value. highly recommend even for oldtimers like me (I'm 72 years young/old).  , usa ()
4   A Great Choice Location - It's obviously not in the center of town, but the Hawthorne area is fun and for that neighborhood, it's well-located. Also, the bus stop is about 40 feet away and the bus runs straight downtown. Staff - Very nice and generally very helpful. Accommodations - the beds are fairly comfortable, the showers are oddly located and the bathrooms could generally be cleaner, there are a few places to lounge, there are free bagels (very good), but it's a bit chintzy to make guests pay for the internet (time limits make sense, but to pay for it?) and the computer was pretty much crap. Atmosphere - laid-back and pleasant. All in all, it's a bit ramshackle, but the staff are great and it's not a bad place to stay.  , USA ()
5   A home-away-from-home This is one of my favourites and is set in a clean and safe neighbourhood.The staff have always been both polite and helpful and there is an excellent sports bar across the road with comfortable bar stools and a good range of micro brews. The hostel itself has a home-away-from-home feel and with the addition of a cat, i felt as though i was in a house more so than a hostel. In all the times i have stayed there i haven't noticed a piss head-type clientele which suits me fine, drunk yobs staggering in at 2 a.m. gives me the shits. The Hawthorne district offers a wide variety of shops, pubs, and restaurants and is only ten-odd minutes from the city. The only drawback is if you get put down in the basement, which, whilst it is clean and cozy, is far too hot in the winter due to its proximity to the heater.  , Australia ()
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