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McMenamins Edgefield

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Hostelz.com's Review
McMenamins Edgefield is located in Troutdale, but it's only about 25 minutes from downtown Portland by car. It's a European-style lodge with mostly private rooms, but they also offer a few shared dorm rooms.

The lodge is in a historic old building on an estate dating back to 1911 (the locals claim it's haunted). The walls of the lodge are painted with all sorts of whimsical (and somewhat bizarre) illustrations dating back to the building's years as a retirement home. The rooms are big and there are private bathrooms located just down the hall from the bedrooms.

It's not really a social place as far as meeting new people, and it can be entirely empty during the winter if there aren't any special events or holidays going on. The rest of the estate has more things than we could mention, including a brewery, winery, restaurant, golfcourse, and gardens.

by David
Hostelz.com Staff Reviewer

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Hostelz.com Guest Reviews
5   Haunted spent the day there and took a lot of pictures with a digital HD camera. Caught MANY orbs!!! Awesome place!  ()
4   Great Portland Option This place is unlike any other hostel. You have full use of the resort facilities. Free first run movies. Wine and beer samplings. Great happy hour in the pub. They even let you charge your meals and drinks to your bill. The hostel beds are real hotel beds, and very comfortable. The room and bathrooms are spotless. Much better than the other Portland hostels.  , Chicago, USA ()
4   Good but weird Awesome place to stay. Definitely haunted though! I stayed there and am a minor, so I was not drinking. I was woken up out of a dead sleep at 3 a.m. to the sounds of very loud thumping and screaming/crying above us. Did not really sound human! It actually sounded like someone was being attacked and rolling and kicking on the floor. Then tried to fall back asleep and saw a black dot move across the mirror. Freaky! Food was great though, and so were the people. very cool vibe.  ()
3   Edgefield is wonderful but the house is haunted! I love Edgefield! Great place to play and drink and walk around. I stayed last night in the Althea room. Not knowing anything about the house or history of the building and Edgefield until today after my experience raised curiosity to search the web. I went to bed at 1 a.m. in the Althea room by myself, a few friends were currently on the first floor on the front room. I woke up on the king bed about a half hour later and the bed was shaking/vibrating. Chills went up my spine and looked around as no one was around and nothing else was shaking, no earthquake, no noise. This went on for thirty seconds as I clearly sat on the bed and realized this is unnatural. I stood on the floor and could see the bed vibrating but nothing on the floor or bed board, it slowly stopped and I calmly walked out of the room. I came back later with a friend and nothing else occurred that night. This occurrence seems so small but this experience is beyond anything I can explain.  , US ()
4  this place is very haunted. i also had extremely disturbing dreams while sleeping there and i saw a shadow moving on the wall when i was there alone. if you like ghosts and weird energy, then you'll love it. i think some bad things happened there, however and there is a lot of bad energy stored in the rooms. many people have died in the building as it was a poor farm and a nursing home.  ()
4  Edgefield is a treat. The hostel rooms are lovely, though I don't really consider Edgefield a "hostel" since there is no common kitchen. So a budget traveler still has to eat meals in the pubs or restaurant, which is full priced. Staying in a hostel room might make an Edgefield experience a little more affordable for the local visitor, or it'll be a nice treat for the budget traveler with some extra cash to spend. It's a beautiful place to see some live music, sample McMenamins famous brews, and maybe get roustled by a ghost. (I didn't see one when I was there, but I did have the weirdest, most disturbing dreams I've ever had, while staying in the hostel room.) I'd go back in a second, it's just a little out of the way.  ()
5  A ghost was playing with my hair while I was sleeping. It scared the sh*t out of me so I switched spots with my sister and the same thing happened to her! So we went to the front desk and told the lady what happened. And she said the last people that stayed in that room had their feet tickled while they were sleeping. Crazy. So the rest of the night my sister and I couldn't sleep. We heard this flute being played for a long time and the lady in the front desk told us that it was a ghost. I asked some other people who were in the room next to me if they heard it and they didn't! The people on the second floor said they saw a lady in white (a ghost) pacing back and forth from three to four a.m. Damn, I wish I could have seen that. I also saw sweat footprints appearing and dissapearing on the wooden floor so I took a picture of that spot with my digital camera and when I saw the picture there was this huge blue orb right where i saw the footprints! I'll post pictures later to prove what I saw. It was awesome.  ()
4  This place is haunted? Glad I found that out AFTER I stayed there. But still, I enjoyed this very cool and classy joint. The wall murals were amazing and the dorms, though large with many beds, were great with comfy wooden beds and nice windows. I was lucky; it was just me and a friend in the dorm. That's it. Only caveat: bathrooms were great but a bit of a trek and it's out of the city. Otherwise: good.  ()

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