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Bunkhouse Hostel

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Hostelz.com's Review
Bunkhouse Hostel is still a new hostel, with a lot to be improved, but some points are definitely in its favor -- electronic bathroom doors, dividing equally the amount of people per bathroom, and its amazing location, five hundred meters away from most from everything you can do in Cardiff.

The Location

The location couldn't be better -- it's only two hundred meters away from the main train/bus station in Cardiff, in the entrance of the main shopping street, right on the same street as the Cardiff castle. All bus lines pass in the central station, so if you want to go to Newport, Cardiff Bay, or any other region, you can't be closer to everything like this.

Rooms and Bathrooms

The rooms are small, there are even "triple" bunk beds. There are "cages" under the beds for locking things, but the space is not enough for a bigger bag. And everyone should bring a lock, otherwise you will have to pay for one at the reception. It's new, so the mattresses are in very good shape, but the pillows are of very low quality.

The bathrooms are also small, without space for clothes, soap, or shampoo. There is only one button for water, and the water gets warmer with each press of the button. The problem is that after some time it gets too warm, and there's no way of reducing this temperature! So there is the risk of getting burned. The sinks in the toilets are ridiculously small. There are two taps, one with cold water and one with hot water, but if you open only one of them it already floods the sink; with two open, the water spills out of the sink. Bathrooms really have to be improved there.

Common Spaces

The hostel is right over a pub, which can be a blessing and a curse. For rainy days, or for those lazy days, there's no effort to have a drink. But if you are on the floor right above, you can "feel" the pub, and this may annoy you for sleeping. The pub is also the only common space of the hostel. The breakfast is served also in this pub, and it consists of toast with jam or butter, corn flakes, coffee, tea, and milk, like most British hostels.


Given that everything is still new, the problems will probably be solved. It will always have its good location, so if you're one of those who just need to be close to everything, this is the place in Cardiff. If you need more than this, this hostel doesn't have much more to offer.

Exclusive Hostelz.com Review
August 2011

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Hostelz.com Guest Reviews
4   Good for partying This hostel is located in the center of the action of Cardiff. The reception/lounge area for the hostel is an active and fairly busy bar on the main drag. This is great if you're there to party and not really do much else. If you're a long term traveler and you're looking for somewhere to relax, this probably isn't your place. The staff was friendly and the place was in pretty good shape, but the lack of an actual kitchen and not having anywhere to relax that isn't a private area is a bit of a downer.  , age 31, USA ()
4   Overall pretty good The hostel has great security measures and a nice downstairs area for general hanging out and storing food. The only thing that wasn't great was that the downstairs area would be locked before 10, and I wasn't allowed to get my food out of the fridge before checking out early the day I was leaving, so that was a bit of a damper. However, overall, this hostel was very clean, secure, and friendly.  , age 21, Usa ()

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