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Cheers Backpackers Inn

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Hostelz.com Guest Reviews
1   Disgusting -- Dont even bother This is easily the worst place I have ever stayed (I've lived out of my bag for 25 months). The service is the worst I have ever had, not just a thoughtless remark here and there, genuinely rude. The rooms have no air con and no circulation, and with such low roofs they are all constantly damp and smelly. The hot water doesn't work in the showers. The kitchen is so rundown I decided to eat out every night (as a budget traveler something I never do). I can honestly say that I cannot see a reason I could ever entertain staying at this dump again.  , Australian / English ()
1   So terrible it was almost funny This place was easily the worst hostel I have stayed at (and I lived in bundaberg). The kitchen was a joke and closed at 7:30. I used the bathroom and actually felt dirtier after I had a shower. My room was so dirty I there was no way I was unpacking my stuff. this place was touted as the "lively party hostel" but the only partying I saw was amongst the massive cockroaches. Do yourself a favour and sleep in the bus station.  , canada ()
1   Filthy First impressions is that this place is disgusting. the rooms are dark and dingy and remind me of a prison cell and the kitchen is filthy. the general cleanliness of the place is rotten.  , irish ()
1   INFESTED WITH BEDBUGS -- DO NOT STAY HERE we booked and paid for a week here before we saw this hole, what a mistake. we got to our room, it had 2 sets of bunk beds and that was it, the mattress, if you can call it that was like sleeping on the slats of the bed, there was no fan, no air con, it was so hot people were taking their mattresses and sleeping outside. the showers and toilets were worse than anything ive ever seen, shower curtain slashed and had been tied back together that then did not pull across, so the whole floor got soaked, full of mould and water did not go down plug so u were standing in your own dirty water. they were shared by about 30people so u were lucky if you got a shower when u actually wanted one. The pool was brown. nice.noise from the bar was ongoing day and night, so if you want a good night sleep forget it. BEDBUGS. there was a guy that moved to our room it was his third room he had to move because his previous 2rooms were infested with bedbugs, he had bites all over him. we stayed in backpackers all the way from sydney to cairns and this was the worst place we have ever stayed in.  , english ()
1   Horrible, dirty, bedbugs This hostel was the worst hostel that I've ever stayed in -- and I've stayed in a lot! When we first got there we were really impressed -- pick-up from the station, only a short walk into town, buses to all the theme parks from the end of the street, bar that did the cheapest snakebites in Australia, and the receptionist was really lovely. However, all that changed when we got into our room. We stayed in a double room, and it was absolutely disgusting. I'm not sure if the bedding had been changed or not. The bed was really rickety and when you got in/out it would shake and felt as though it would fall to pieces at any time! There were ants in the corner of the room, and even though it was absolutely scorching hot as it was mid-January, we didn't have air conditioning, or even a fan!! It made it really difficult to get a good nights sleep. The kitchen was absolutely disgusting (although this is down to guests, it could have been cleaned more often) and there were hardly any cutlery/plates/pans to go around, and what they did have was all broken (bowls with big cracks). The bathrooms were always wet through, but apart from that they were ok. They had a really bad problem with ants there though, made worse by the fact that they never emptied the bins outside. We put a pizza box in one and it sat there for four days, completely swarming with insects. We were also woken up at 3 a.m. one morning by a member of staff having a shouting match that went on for the best part of an hour with one of the guests. However, the absolute worst problem by far was the bedbugs. I've had a few bites from a couple of other places in Australia, but nothing near as bad as at this hostel. My boyfriend got bitten so bad that he had to go to the doctors and be given some cream for them. Cheers has the potential to be a really good hostel, but as it is I would not recommend anyone going there, unless you want to be eaten alive by bedbugs and be in agony for a week with the intense itching. Spend your money elsewhere! If I could give this hostel zero stars, I would have done!  , England ()
3   Loved it yeah, ok the room is basic, but it's a bed! its cheap and the people are so friendly. had the best time here and met some friends for life. great nights out organised by the staff. would recommend to anyone who likes to party.  , england ()
1  I stayed here with my wife in 2003, well basically she was in tears when she saw our brick room with old bunks, no blankets or sheets. I woke up with bites all over, so I got up early and rented a condo for not much more overlooking the ocean. Get a few friends and rent a condo, this place sucks.  , USA ()
5  i worked here for three months -- I was a rep bringing all the hostel to the nightclubs. Every night for this i got free food, free accommodation, and free beer everywhere. jacuzzi, swimming pool -- what more do you want? You really cant argue with that. if your in australia to get drunk and have a laugh, this is the place for you, if not don't stay here as you will hate it.  , ireland ()

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