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San Francisco International Hostel

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Hostelz.com Guest Reviews
1   DIRTY, SMELLY PLACE WITH UNHELPFUL STAFF My friends and I couldn't even stay one night, the room smelled like pee, the sheets they gave us were old and stained, and nobody is even remotely helpful. Of course they have a no refund policy so we lost what we paid for the first night, but we thought that was better than staying in our smelly room. DO NOT STAY HERE!  ()
4   Nice Location -- Very friendly staff This was my first time hostel experience and I think it was pretty decent. The location is a big plus -- the staff is always very friendly to help you out with information about the city and the best hangout spots. The hostel is walk in and out 24 hrs which is great. The people here are mostly quiet but you can always make friends. The hostel has a common room where you can play music, pool and have drinks and food. Just the rooms are quite old, I am not sure they are cleaned immediately after someone leaves. The lockers are not enough to meet the demands when the hostel is quite occupied, but apart from this it is a fun place to be in.  , age 23, Indian ()
3   Basic and does the job! This hostel is in a good location and is well prices per night. The hostel is nothing fancy and lacks certain aspects like cleanliness and functioning. One of the toilets was permanent locked leaving only one working one for the entire level. After one has been cleaned so much bleach had been used that I nearly passed out in the bathroom and my friends jacket was half bleached after using the rest room. The showers were cold and the staff were a little rude and unwelcoming but we slept ok. And paid about half the price of what the other hostels in San Francisco were charging.  , age 20, Australia ()
4   Pretty nice, great location This was my third time staying here, I've always enjoyed it. The atmosphere is good for meeting people and the location is pretty great for public transport and shopping. You are pretty close to a bad part of town, but try finding ANY part of San Francisco in which there isn't somebody asking for spare change. I'd stay there again.  , age 32, USA ()
3   Serves the purpose The staff was helpful and accommodating. Remember to bring soap and shampoo (I didn't and had to hunt for some) to shower. I felt secure at the location and would stay there again in the future. Very basic and affordable!  , USA ()
2   Low standard hostel that wants to be "cool" This place works for one night or two but I would not recommend it. They say that it is free breakfast but I never saw anything eatable ... The staff is ok but the girl that checked us in talked so much of how cool and partying everything at the hostel was that we missed out on the important information. The room was ok but low standard!  , Sweden ()
5   Too many laughs! Good to party, quiet to sleep! At 930, a buzzer went off, and one of the owners stood on the stage in the main bar/ pool area. He was explaining the rules, and introducing us all to 'free beer time'. As we filed down through the door into the nightclub in the basement, it seemed like I was walking onto a National Lampoons movie set. There were rooms for dancing, playing beer pong, poker, making out, and the free beer bar, a sea of red cups for us hedons. At 32, I havent stayed in a hostel for ages, but for one night, whats the fuss. I've traveled over 5 years on all continents, and coming across this place was a memory I'll keep. I walked into the place knowing nobody at 7pm, and by the time I left there was a room of friends. It was as if I was transported back into a university party atmosphere, but yet as soon as I decided I needed to get to bed and not miss my flight (there were also a few flirtatious girls there and I needed to get away to stay loyal to my girlfriend) I walked through a few doors into absolute silence and slept like a baby. Great amenities, a cozy comfortable atmosphere, free coffee/tea, wifi, pool, beer pong, free beer, friendly staff. And for a place to lay your head, drink a few beers, and to share laughs with fellow travelers, I think this was top 3 of all the hostels I've been to. Good times!  , Canada ()
1   Terrible customer service, extremely dirty. STAY AWAY FROM HERE We stayed at the hostel for one night and dealt with the owner Eric as we were having a few issues (we went to our room which had not be cleaned from the previous people-there was used condoms, dirty sheets, empty beer cans everywhere). They cleaned the room but forgot towels, so we asked for more but were told "they were all out of towels and we'd have to pay $5 for a new one!!" Eventually after complaining, Eric gave us towels "from his secret stash" AKA from the dirty laundry! He was extremely rude and unprofessional, mocking us in front of other customers. I have never dealt with such poor service and would never, EVER stay here again!  , Australia ()

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