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Grand Mid Point Backpackers Hostel

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Hostelz.com Guest Reviews
1   DO NOT STAY HERE. EVER!!!!! I was staying in Sydney and I decided to get my regional work out of the way and came into contact with this hostel. "There is plenty of work, come immediately before all the spaces are taken" I was told. I jumped on a flight out there and a coach journey costing me and my girlfriend well over $1000. When I arrived and spoke to the owner of this hostel he came across as rude and asif he didnt give a sh*t about us. He was quick to charge us $400 for a sh*tty bed that had only one working leg, despite advertising and telling us over the phone that the price would be $340. I asked about work and he told me come and see me tomorrow. I saw him tomorrow and he told me the same, i saw this SOB everyday for a week and he kept giving me the same lame ass excuses about work. He clearly only told us he had work to get us in and get money. People came and left every single day. The other guests were all talking about the same thing, about how there was no work. Now i will talk about the room. A 'double' room with not much more space than what is in a babys cot. It smelt of piss. The bed squeaked and squeaked until somebody in the next room banged on the door and told us to stop shagging. We werent shagging at all. It was just the bed that wouldnt shut the fk up. 3 legs were as bent as the owner. The curtains didnt cover the window. People could walks past and see you getting changed. And I swear that the sheets had not been changed because i could smell the fact that somebody had just slept in them. Now on to the showers. 3 out of 5 were out of order. The locks were broken on the ones that were in order. 4 out of 6 toilets were broken. By broken i mean too dirty for the lazy piece of sh*t of an owner to clean them. The kitchen was never cleaned. The owner even quoted when we first arrived 'i am too ashamed to show you the kitchen right now as nobody had cleaned it.' I swear if i could punch a man to death it would be this guy. His name is Gerrad, please people do not stay at this place it will only cost you money that you probably dont have. Gerrad does not give a sh*t about you. He doesnt find work all he does is sit in the bar downstairs drinking beer.  , age 21, Uk ()
1   Stay away I traveled around Australia and NZ for over a year and have to say this ranked as the worst hostel I stayed in. They'll lie to you about there being work, constantly saying "maybe tomorrow" or "maybe next week" -- I did 2 days in 3 weeks before I gave up and left. Meanwhile the "kitchen" is terrible (it doesn't even have an oven) and the rooms disgracefully maintained. The best thing about this place is leaving it.  ()
1   Unbelievably Awful Words cannot describe the horror as I entered through the door. I'm surprised Norman Bates didn't run the place ... The sheer stench of the toilets provoked feelings of pure horror. To think I came here with the purest intentions. When I arrived the joker of a manager was nowhere to be seen. Other members of the hostel came scuttling out of there rooms in the hope I was their slave master, to plead for the work he had promised. One girl had been there for one and a half months and only worked two days a week. I was even warned by other travelers to stay away, but I just had to find out for myself. On top of all this the place was filled with degenerates. One star is being too kind. AVOID AT ALL COSTS.  , age 23, UK ()
1   Dirty, bad management Everything dirty, kitchen, bathroom. No equipment in kitchen beside microwave and mostly not working external heating pans. No paper towels, washing liquid, toilet paper or soap. Review with regard to Working Hostel -- bad jobs & bad payment, 6$ p. day for transport and you might have to wait 1h before work starts.  , Germany ()
1   Dirtiest hostel I've stayed in! I'm no snob and I've stayed at hostels all over Australia but this is definitely the dirtiest one I've stayed in. The toilets have been done up maybe a year ago or more but they were absolutely manky. Sh*t, piss and loads of hair over the toilets and floors as well the showers. The room we were given had a double bed that had two single mattresses on it and one double mattress on top. The single mattresses hanged off the bed and they had stains all over them. We were given "fresh" linen that had stains all over it. This may sound like I'm being too fussy over the place but it really is a sh*t hole. If they just cleaned it properly it wouldn't be the worst place to stay but it doesn't look like they employ anyone to clean the toilets. The kitchen as they called it haha. There's not even a kettle or an oven! All this wouldn't be too bad if the place wasn't priced like a motel. $40 a night p/p is pretty steep in my mind. All in all though from what I've heard a lot of the backpackers in bundaberg are all working hostels and so are much alike. If you're just passing through stay for one night. I'm glad we did!  , age 23, Uk ()
5   Great place, clean, modern -- central to all entertainment and shops We stayed here for about three months and I can't recommend highly enough -- even though for the first two weeks there didn't seem to be a lot of work available, when the rain stopped we got loads of work through the hostel and good pay. The pub below has really good food at great prices -- for au$6 you can get things like a good sized bowl of spaghetti bolognaise or some nights was satay chicken or whatever -- Really GOOD Food! Hope to come back sometime next year. Thanks Tony and Steve for making us feel so Welcome!  , UK ()
1   Sh*t hole My boyfriend and I stayed here for just over a week because we were promised they could find us work. We made a booking 3 months prior to our arrival to secure a double bedroom. We arrived only to discover we had a bunk bed! They didn't look like much hope of getting a double bed any time during our stay because the manager gave it to someone else, claiming we had turned up too late. As regards work, we stayed for 8 nights and only got 2 days worth of work, we earned $2.60 per bucket that we filled with fruit even though Australian law says we needed to be paid minimum wage. We also have yet to see our hard earned money or our key deposit ($50 each which they DON'T state on the website). The new manager was rude, unhelpful, and unorganised. He had no idea what was going on and it was clear he was struggling to run the place. This is a no drinking hostel which forces you to go down to the "hostel bar" to pay extortionate amounts of money for a beer, another way we were ripped off. Not a single person staying there wanted to be there and they made it clear. They were telling us to move on because we would not get work, which turned out to be true. Also the people who have been staying there for a few months make it clear to you that you are not welcome there, some won't even talk to you and we ended up feeling too uncomfortable to even cook in the kitchen. We have read that the place was recently renovated, but I am a little unsure which part was renovated. Paint was pealing off the walls, the rooms were deathly bare and the place was constantly a mess! The only thing noticeably redone was the bathrooms which were -- at most -- ok. DON'T stay here. It's a waste of time and money, this hostel makes you so bored you end up spending money elsewhere just for entertainment. Huge waste of time and ended up putting a dent in our traveling funds for nothing. Can't say enough bad things about this place. STAY AWAY!  , United Kingdom ()
5   Best Place To Stay The people and management are great and they really care about finding you work.  , UK ()

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