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Moscow Ideal Hostel

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Moscow Ideal Hostel is located in the very center of Moscow, just five minutes on foot from the Red Square. It is open during the whole year. The price is very reasonable for Moscow, considering the location, and you have all the basics to be expected from a hostel.

The Location

The location can hardly be better, but the building itself is hard to find, so be persistent. It is just in the center of Moscow, five minutes on foot to the Red Square and seven to Kremlin. There are many train stations in Moscow -- you will have to use the metro -- and to get here, you need to go to Kitay-gorod (Chinese town) station. You can see some of the major sights, including the statue of Ivan the Great and Chinatown without taking public transportation. And with the metro, you can go to any station in Moscow in less than an hour, and for Moscow, this is nothing. If you arrive at one of the three airports, you can take a shuttle to the metro from the airport and continue with the metro to the Kitay-Gorod station.

Rooms and Bathrooms

At Moscow Ideal Hostel you can choose between dorms and private rooms; there are blankets, linens, and squeaky beds for both types of rooms. The linens are replaced regularly and the rooms are clean. The eight-bed rooms have four bunk beds, which can make some noise if the person above is a bit heavier. These do not leave much space in the small rooms. There are no lockers, but if you want, you can leave some luggage at the reception. The place is clean but not extremely, so do not set your expectations too high.

There are two bathrooms in two separate locations. One of them is clean, modern, and spacious, while the other is small, filled with furniture, noisy, and a bit dirty. There are not enough showers and toilets -- there are two showers and two toilets and as the hostel is quite big, you will often need to wait for a shower. Sometimes, there might be as many as thirty people in the hostel.

Common Spaces

Other amenities include a laundry room with washers and dryer (you pay a nominal fee to use), a very well-equipped and spacious kitchen with plenty of stove eyes and a refrigerator (it is not a problem to eat there even if the hostel is full), utensils, free tea and coffee, and one computer and Wi-Fi. You must check out by noon. One good thing is that there is no deposit. The common space is near the kitchen, so most people eat there and there is a smell of food.

Moscow Ideal Hostel is not a party hostel but it is common to have a few drinks there. The hostel sells beers and the prices are lower than the twenty-four-hour stores if you like to have a beer late in the evening.


Overall, the hostel is a good place to stay for a few days. The location is great and you can easily see most of the major sights. However, you will have to wait for a shower and a toilet for sure, and this could be annoying when the hostel is full. However, the price is definitely great for this location.

by George Traveller
Hostelz.com Staff Reviewer
November 2011

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1   Grubby, dank, dingy, dark. dirty. Worst hostel experience ever. On some booking engines, it will say there are lockers and free breakfast here. There are neither. And the hostel itself is not nearly as bright as in their pictures. First thing I thought when I entered Ideal is that it could use a woman's touch. But I doubt many women would want to be here. To get to this place you have to walk through an unlit courtyard that's half ghetto and half construction site. I don't recall seeing many, if any, guests during my stay. I'm not even sure if this is a real hostel, or a rooming house for middle aged unemployed Russian slobs who do nothing all day but sit around the apartment and yell at each other All. Day. Long. The kitchen is arranged so only one person at a time could use it. One of the long term guys barked at me for putting my hand too close to the wrong cupboard -- well excuse me. For all the services they claim to offer, you're lucky to get one of the staff to grunt at you. You don't get a key, the door is unlocked. The fridge and bathrooms are cramped and grubby. Someone used a dishtowel to blow their nose and put it back on the hanger -- chunks of blood included. The worst thing about Ideal is the atmosphere. I've been in some rundown places in my travels, but as long as people try, I can handle it. I just did not want to be at Ideal Hostel at all -- Very uncomfortable. I couldn't relax with all the yelling and noise. A really negative, unwelcome vibe. The common room, if you could call it that, was a pair of cruddy kitchen chairs and table and the aforementioned loudmouthed locals. I could go on and on, but let me just say, avoid.  , Nevryoumind ()
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