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Waikiki Backpackers Hostel

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Waikiki Backpackers Hostel is an odd mix of hotel convenience and rooms not wholly adapted for sharing with strangers. In addition, some areas, like the bathrooms and the pool area, are very clean, while the hallway carpets may have not been cleaned since the Clinton administration. There are miniature soaps in the bathrooms, but there are cockroaches in the closets.

The Location

The hostel is located within a five-minute walk from the main drag in Honolulu, and about ten minutes away from Waikiki Beach. It is accessible by bus, and the airport shuttle has a dropoff point in front. It is in a safe and busy area of Honolulu, if not a little too touristic. It is close to restaurants, bars, and a grocery store.

Rooms and Bathrooms

The hostel was adapted from a hotel, and the result is a little awkward -- some things you'd expect in a hostel are lacking and some you'd never expect are there. One example is the lack of lockers in the rooms -- these are essential in shared rooms; however, most rooms only have one small safe in the closet, if that. So only one lucky guest per room can have their valuables locked up, for a per-day charge.

We stayed in two different three-bed dorm rooms equipped with a kitchenette and a small fridge, which was a very nice bonus, but not all rooms have this. The three-bed dorms have been adapted from two-bed hotel rooms with a pull-out couch (which is in fact the third bed; it is not uncomfortable). Another remnant of its hotel history is housekeeping -- beds are made every day, and towels and sheets are changed. A hair dryer and iron are available in the bathroom. The bathroom is clean and well maintained, without any signs of dirt, mold, or peeling paint.

The one major problem with this hostel is that it has both bedbugs and cockroaches. The staff explained to us that the cockroaches come from outside and that we should keep our patio door closed if we didn't want them in. This is probably true and we will not hold them responsible for it. As for the bedbugs, unfortunately the staff and ownership don't take the problem seriously and try to pretend that the guests bring them in, or try to convince us that the bites come from mosquitoes. We had our room changed easily after we complained, but staff only believed other guests after they actually brought a bedbug to reception. This is unacceptable, especially since this is a common problem and we heard many complaints during our stay.

Common Spaces

The hostel has a nice pool with lounge chairs and also a few tables with umbrellas. There is a well-furnished common area in the penthouse of the adjacent hotel; however hostel guests only have access to it by calling upstairs and having staff come downstairs and let them in. This can get a bit tedious if you want to go to the common room several times a day. The common penthouse has a TV and computer, as well as free Wi-Fi. It also has a kitchen and a balcony. It is clean and nicely furnished, and it is a good place to spend your lazy hours.


Overall, this would be a good hostel if they correct the bedbug problem and clean the carpets (there is unfortunately a lot of variation in the cleanliness of the building -- while the rooms and the pool area are clean, the carpet in the hallways is stained and filthy). However, they don't seem to be in a rush to do it.

by Monica
Hostelz.com Staff Reviewer
August 2012

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5   Amazing, Clean Hostel!!! This was a great hostel to stay. Everyone was friendly and helpful, the rooms were really nice and clean, the price is great, and the location is AMAZING!!! If you want to stay at a hostel, choose this one!  , USA ()
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5   The whole staff was excellent This is an excellent hostel to stay. The staff was great. It was very clean. It was affordable. It was conveniently located.  , age 42, Canada ()
4   Great Location It was tough to find and didn't even have a sign, but the location was great, along with the price as compared to the rest of the hotels in the area. The rooms were really nice and were more like a hotel with a bathroom and kitchen.  , USA ()

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