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Sweet Peas

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Hostelz.com's Review
Sweet Peas is great, with staff that are friendly and willing to help; the place is clean and homey, and you will feel safe!

The Location

Sweet Peas is located in the heart of downtown Asheville, North Carolina. It occupies the second floor of Lexington Avenue Brewery (LAB), and is within walking distance to any and all bars, restaurants, boutiques, and shops you would want to visit!

When you arrive, there is no on-street parking, but there is a parking garage located directly across the street from the entrance of the hostel. You do have to pay for parking separately. You need to ring the bell to have them unlock the door (but if you’re already a guest, you have a key fob that will unlock the door). The hostel is very safe; the doors are locked at all hours of the day, and the front desk has numerous views of the premises from security cameras. There is also a staff member at the front desk until 11 p.m. and a security guard that sleeps at the hostel nightly (his cell phone number is also posted on his door).

Sweet Peas does have quiet hours nightly, and any disturbances can be reported to the security guard. Because the hostel is located directly above a brewery, it can get a little loud on Friday and Saturday nights, so earplugs are provided.

Rooms and Bathrooms

There are three types of areas for sleeping. There are a couple of private rooms with a double bed and a sink, twenty-four private pods, and sixteen bunk beds. The private pods are oversized twin beds encased with wood on three sides and a curtain on the fourth side. Just imagine what the sleeping quarters look like on a tour bus, and you’ve got it. Each pod is equipped with its own shelves, outlet, and lamp. Each pod is also assigned its own locked cupboard large enough to fit all of your things. We slept in one of the pods and really liked it. The only downfall to the pods (and probably the bunk area as well) is if you sleep in one of the upper-level pods (because they’re stacked like bunks), there is nothing closing off the top of the pod (because the entire hostel has an open, studio feel), so you are exposed to the noise of the other guests coming in and out throughout the night and the morning conversations and noise in the kitchen. There are four halls of pods, and they are divided by gender.

There are two bunk rooms (one male and one female). Each bunk bed has its own locker for luggage. Neither the pod areas nor the bunk areas are closed off by a door; it’s all an open concept! The private rooms run the most expensive, the pods are at a middle rate, and then the bunks are the cheapest nightly rate. The rates are pretty comparable to other hostels, but could run slightly higher than normal due to the convenience of the location. Each guest is supplied with a pillow, clean bed linens, and a towel in a laundry bag.

There are two bathrooms -- one for each gender; we can only speak for the women’s bathroom, but there are three bathroom stalls and three sinks. The shower area is co-ed, with individual stalls with enough room to change and a stand-up shower.

Common Spaces

The facilities are great and very clean! The kitchen is very spacious with complementary coffee every morning. It is fully furnished with all modern appliances and a full stock of dishes. They just ask that you put all your dirty dishes in the dishwasher when finished! They have also “gone green” with bins for recycling and compost. Across from the kitchen there are washer and dryers available for use for a small fee.

The living room feels like home. There are couches and oversized chairs spread out among the area, a small library of books, movies and games, and brochures/pamphlets/guides of things to do around the area. Large maps decorate the walls and the flat-screen TV is equipped with cable! The hostel also has Wi-Fi and a computer available for use (for free).


They have ample information regarding the area, places to eat, and things to do. It’s not the most social hostel, but you will see people around if you’re willing to strike up a conversation!

by hanahjo
Hostelz.com Staff Reviewer
June 2014

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Living areaPodPod area
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Hostelz.com Guest Reviews
4   Clean, comfortable & safe -- but noisy! I have mixed feelings about this hostel. On the one hand, the location is incredible, the rooms very clean and the interior design gorgeous. On the other, the open layout made it hard to sleep at any time except 1 am - 7 am. I might have just been unlucky, but it seemed to me that people used the open layout as an excuse not to be as quiet in the room. For example, a girl took 3 phone calls before 8.30 am, all without leaving the room. The staff would also start vacuuming at half past nine, making it virtually impossible to sleep in. Checkout is at 11.30 am, but it's clear that they want people gone before this time. I stayed until 10 am, and even then I was repeatedly asked by staff members if I could clear out my bed, move my stuff. Overall a positive experience, just not perfect.  ()
5   Clean, comfortable, safe I stayed at Sweet Peas for about a week in October 2010. It was a really great experience, the management and the staff were really kind and friendly. I didn't have any trouble sleeping, though on the weekends I could sort of hear the bar downstairs (but earplugs are complimentary!). Showers are clean, kitchen is clean and outfitted with cooking necessities, there are maps and coupons and recommendations for everything. I wouldn't hesitate to stay again! I slept in the shared room, but never felt my privacy invaded. Wonderful, wonderful. And right in downtown!  , USA ()
5   Very clean, comfortable, & safe, but some bar noise from downstairs I stayed for four days in February, 2010. I've stayed in dozens of hostels and guest houses around the world, and this was by far the cleanest. The "sleeping pods" are comfortable and offer great privacy. The facilities and staff were top notch. The neighborhood was safe and active, but the bar downstairs was a little noisy. Would definitely stay again.  , USA ()

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