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STF Sundsvall Hostel

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Special Note from Hostelz.com: STF Sundsvall Hostel is no longer listed in any of the hostel booking systems. There is a good chance they may have closed down. If you have any information about it, please let us know with the Listing Update Form.

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Hostelz.com Guest Reviews
3  It's located in a beautiful place, but the reception opening hours are only eight to ten and four to seven, and the bus from Sundsvall (six kilometers) it's only four times every day, from nine thirty-five to three thirty-fiveeach two hours. No kitchen, no dorms, small rooms for two to four people.  ()
5  This is a very quiet and peaceful hostel located up in the hills from the City Centrum. If you arrive in town before 1500, go to the Bus Station and take Bus PLUS Norra Berget. The last bus to depart the Bus Station for the hostel leaves at 1535. If you arrive when bus transportation is not available, get a taxi and tell them you want to go to Sundsvall Youth Hostel on Norra Stadsberget up in the hills. Tell the driver that you will pay him/her 80 SEK for the ride because the hostel has an arrangement with the cabs to charge this exact price. Do not pay anymore than 80 SEK. Explain this to the driver before getting into the cab and make sure he/she understands. If you arrive by your own personal vehicle, I would suggest you ask a taxi driver how to drive up to the hostel. The hostel consists of several buildings with accommodations for all sorts of people. Parking facilities are adequate. The place is clean inside and outside. Toilets and showers are availbale in each of the buildings. In the Reception Office, there is reading material, a television, and internet services. You can bring your own computer and hook it up to the internet. All internet use is free of charge as of this writing. A morning breakfast is served which costs 55 SEK. It is served everyday. For those who like to walk, there is a staircase behind one of the buildings where you can walk all the way down to the City Centrum and back if you like. The walk down takes about ten to fifteen minutes, but you will want to take a longer time because of the excellent views you see while traversing the steps. Make sure you bring a camera and or videocamera. The sights are magnificent. Just remember that bus service to the hostel is very limited and be prepared to either walk or pay the 80 SEK for taxi transportation.  , Sweden ()

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