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STF Stockholm - af Chapman

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Hostelz.com Guest Reviews
5   Who doesn't want to stay on a three master? VERY COOOOOOLLLLLLL! If you love ships or have kids, this is the place to be. The rooms are quite small but who cares. We booked way in advance, so we got a room with a view of the old city. Just to sit on deck in the evening, enjoying a brew is worth the money. It cost a bit more, but it is worth the extra Krones! Breakfast is in the main building on land, a bit too crowded in my opinion, so you could skip it and eat in the city. Reception is 24 hours a day staffed, Kitchen is also on the main building, well equiped. We really enjoyed our stay there.  , Austria ()
2   Great hostel, horrible experience! I stayed at this hostel twice. The first experience was fantastic, and I was due to return after doing field work elsewhere in Sweden. When I returned four weeks later, I had accidentally screwed up my reservation (completely my fault) and arrived a day later than intended. The staff at the time was very helpful and went out of their way to help me find a room there for the night. I spent a few happy days there, but unfortunately I got confused about the day I was meant to leave (again, my fault). One staff member, apparently thinking I was trying to scam a free night off them, ripped apart one of my roommate's beds thinking it was mine. When I went down to straighten it out, because it was an honest mistake, he treated me like a criminal and told me I had ten minutes to leave the hostel. His behavior was completely unprofessional. He offered no help -- no directions to another hostel or hotel, no phone numbers that I might call to see if there were any rooms available. I felt ashamed, as though I had done something wrong. I hate to give this hostel only two stars, because for the most part it was great, but this experience left such a bad taste in my mouth!  , USA ()
4   excellent location, too expensive, very small rooms In May 2007, I stayed in the house for one night only. The boat was out of function. It was three beds room, more than small -- it serves only to spend a night there. It's on the best place in the city, clean, the toilets with soap and paper hand towels. but in the showers there was no soap, so you have to bring your own. The showers are nice though and the staff was friendly. The bad thing is that you can check in only at 3 p.m. and you have to check out at 11 a.m. You have to pay extra for everything, bed linen, pads for lockers, breakfast, internet costs 1.1EUR for ten minutes, 6.6EUR extra if you are not a member. the linen is too expensive but I believe that it's the same with all the hostels in Stockholm, so this one might be of reasonable price since it's not bad and its location is perfect. Depends on what you expect from a hostel. I needed only a place to spend a night, so it was ok.  , bosnia ()
5  One of the most unique hostels I stayed at. We stayed on the ship and it was really fun. Stockholm was the most beautiful city I have ever seen and the girls were, well, swedish. Go to Stockholm and stay at this hostel.  ()
5  This is such a brilliant hostel -- the staff are friendly and go out of their way to help you, it's clean and homey and the views and location are excellent. I stayed on the ship last year and I'm going back again in a few weeks, this time staying in the building. Personally I didn't see any spiders on the ship and I found it a great experience to wake up with water just below the porthole outside. It was very comfy too and storage space wasn't a problem.  ()
5  I stayed in this hostel in April 2005. It was a great hostel. I spent the second night on the second floor in a room for two and I had a perfect view. I could see Gamla Stan by night with a lot of lights and it was great. I had a great time in this hostel and I hope to have the opportunity to visit it next time.  ()
2  Well located, but the hostel is not really great. There were poor bathroom facilities on the boat, and not really good facilities in the house. Very loud hostel. Friendly staff and good breakfast buffet.  ()
5  Fantastic!!!  ()

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