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I love this hostel! It is in the heart of one of Berlin's most vibrant neighborhoods. It oozes (former) East Berlin creative and artistic edge, carrying hints of a "Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy" theme. It is gritty, it is classy, it is alternative, it is clean, it is so freaking cool.

The rooms are very spacious and contemporary, with more than enough locker storage, comfortable beds, and I have to mention the gorgeous hardwood floors. The bathrooms are also spacious; they are segregated, plentiful, and very well maintained. It was a pleasant surprise to find handsoap and papertowels near all of the wash basins.

The reception desk is on the main floor and extends into a bar, resulting in a long, open common area. Throw into the mix couches, chairs, a coffee table, three computers with internet access (quoted price was 50 cents per 10 minutes, but I was never charged over 50 cents total), a pool table, a projector that will display the national football game or a DVD, and a very friendly staff that will serve you drinks well into the night (and morning), and you have one constant party. Despite the constant party and laid back, modern alternative atmosphere, the rooms are fairly quiet in the evenings (for you light sleepers).

It is an easy 10 minute walk from Friedrichstrausse (S Bahn) station, and is within walking distance of Brandenburger Tor, the Reichstag, Tiergarten Park, former Checkpoint Charlie, and sections of the wall. It is practically next door to the fascinating Tacheles building (with the squatting artists), which is a must see.

The only drawback is a 3 Euro deposit on the key and a 3 Euro deposit on the linens, but you get the money back when you leave. This place rocks and comes highly recommended.
by Erin Barrett
Hostelz.com Staff Reviewer


(Location is approximate. You may need to pan/move to find "Heart of Gold Hostel Berlin" at Johannisstrasse 11.)


Johannisstrasse 11, Mitte, Berlin, Berlin State, Germany
52.524442, 13.391727 (accuracy not guaranteed)
+49 (30) 2900 3300
+49 (30) 290 44 717
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After reading all the good reviews that this hostel got, I was really looking forward to staying in it, but it turned out to be a quite disappointing experience. I liked the decorations and the theme of the hostel, also it was clean and had a nice garden, but on the other hand, the garden would close at 10 and then there was almost no common space to hang out, there was no kitchen and no fridge, the doors of the dormitories half of the time could not be opened because the mechanism with magnetic cards was not working properly, our stuff got stuck in the locker the first day (they did take care of that quickly, have to say). Also, no privacy in the bathrooms, and no benches/chairs/hooks/anything to leave your stuff while taking a shower. Some of the beds were terribly squeaky. The WiFi is limited to the small area around the reception and the signal was very unstable, they had to restart the router every 15 minutes, basically. All in all, not a bad hostel, but pretty sterile and a lot could be done to improve it.
Age 23, Serbia
Good stay
Easy to get to, fairly clean, and pretty cool atmosphere. One toilet was broken, but that had possibly only just happened, and there were plenty of other bathrooms on the same floor. Showers are really good, and beds and pillows are not the best, but it was warm, and it's not an expensive hostel, so no complaints.
(New Zealand)
Look somewhere else
After reading all the amazing reviews about this place, I was sadly disappointed. We got there and were upgraded from the 26 mega room to a 8 person bedroom which was great. The room was big, bed was decent, and pillow was kind of large and flimsy. The bathrooms were horrible, I did not even bother to shower the 3 nights I was there. Dust piles were left in the hallway and paper towels were all over the bathroom, not to mention how the entire bathroom seemed to be wet. Out of the bathrooms on the floor, 2 were closed and only one did not smell horrible. Also the people in the room next to us decided to throw their own rave inside their room, which wouldnt have been terrible had I not been jetlagged and we were in a room with a man who snored louder then a train (these all just seem to be bad timing luck). Overall out of the 5 hostels I stayed at across Europe this was by far the worst. I would look elsewhere, the front desk staff was very friendly and helping and recommend a great German place for lunch.
Don't pass this one up!
The theme alone is a good enough reason to stay here. It's not overdone, it's classic and subtle and so completely wonderful. This hostel is very conveniently located, only a five-minute walk to the main train station (or if you're lazy, a block away from the nearest metro station). The rooms are spotless, or at least the ones we stayed in (we stayed a couple different times). The staff is, well, for the most part friendly. And the breakfast is probably as good as it gets for a hostel: bread, nutella (a european staple), cereal, yogurt, tea, and even pineapple flavored cream cheese! the rooms are large with high ceilings, and extremely giant windows, making it feel very open. I really don't have anything bad to say about this place. Of course everyone's experience is different from next person's, so always take that into consideration. But other than that, I'd say you're crazy if you try anywhere else. Oh! I almost forgot -- if you have a hankering for fries, chips, or whatever you may call them -- on the other side of the parking lot right next to the hostel, and across the street is a fantastic fry place. They even fry them in vegetable oil, not beef fat, so that's a plus for you vegetarians or vegans out there like me.
Lizzy Henry
  Great place! I loved it. The price, location, theme, food, staff, cleanliness, you can't beat them. And for walking tour types, a chap from Brewer's Berlin tours come by to pick people up. Great tour too, by the way.
  This hostel is great! The bar is a lot of fun, they have a movie night too if you're into it with a big screen TV. The staff are very friendly and helpful, and the rooms and bathrooms are very clean with nice big lockers in the rooms. It's in a great location with a pretty happening nightlife close by. I met people at the hostel that weren't even staying there they just came by to party, so if that's what you're looking for it's awesome! For the price too, you can't beat it!
Jen Z
  Stayling in Berlin for a while, I thought Id give this place a few days to see how it panned out. Twenty-three days later I reluctantly said goodbye to one of the best hostels Ive stayed in. Everything about the place was top drawer -- the rooms, the bathrooms, the staff, and the atmosphere. The hostel was right on a main S Bahn line, and located around the corner from a major nightlife district. I'd stay here again, if they think I'm going to leave this time.
  Very good hostel in Berlin. Stay for two nights. Very new, clean, comfortable, compared with a hotel. Dormitory for six persons(only male) with two single, two double beds military type. Very good security, security card for the room. Really nice room, quiet and comfortable. Good big Locker, needed a pad. Bathroom really clean and comfortable. However I think that the bathrooms were rather few for the number of people they served. Common room very nice and comfortable. Friendly atmosphere, you can play billiard and some other games plus a very nice bar. Facilities perfect -- anything you need for washing and cooking. Stuff extremely helpful by any way. Location --Central of Berlin, some blocks away from Unden de Linden avenue. Nice, clean, and quiet neighborhood. Sites, shops, and nightlife places are in walking distance. I enjoy my stay here.

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