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The Museum Guest House

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Originally our booking was for Museum Guest House 1, but when we arrived there they told us they were overbooked and we had to go to Guest House 2. This involved walking 15 minutes back the way we came, so we were not amused when we finally arrived. Having said that, Guesthouse 2 is in the better of the two hostels in terms of location, as it is right at the metro and is easy for access to the main sights of Budapest. If arriving by train just get off at Déli p.u on Metro line 2 and take the Károly Körút exit and the hostels is just on you're left.

On check in we were upgraded to one of their apartments instead of the main part of the hostel for no extra charge by the very friendly and helpful girl on reception. The hostel doesn't accept credit cards so you'll have to draw cash out at some point to settle the bill. The main part of the hostel has plenty of beds crammed into the rooms with only a couple of showers for all those bodies. There are also two computers in a tiny room, which are free of charge but you need to get there early as it's a hell of a wait to get on them if you don't.

The room we were allocated was in a separate building from the hostel but just next door. If was pretty spacious and comes equipped with a balcony (good as long as no building work is going on) and lockers to sore your stuff in. The bathroom was pretty modern, thought the shower wasn't that great in terms of pressure and hot water. There is also a kitchen to make use of if you're on a budget. Everything seemed quite new and was all kept really clean each day.

The atmosphere of Guesthouse one seemed better to me, and it had a more hippy vibe to match the atmosphere of Budapest (plus there is a really cool bar called Frank Zappa's across the road). It was quite easy to meet people to go out with at night or during the day in Guesthouse 2 and it was an excellent place to say, but if I was to go back I think Guesthouse 1 would be our first choice.

Exclusive Hostelz.com Review
September 2006

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Hostelz.com Guest Reviews
5   Great place that came to our rescue! We are probably the oldest "youth hostel" guests this place has ever seen (sixty-two and seventy years old). We had been in a private home two floors above the hostel on our first visit to Budapest, about a week prior to returning, after having visited Romania in the interim. We supposedly had a room booked in the same private home when we came back. however, the landlord was not there! We waited until 9 p.m. and then went to the Museum Guest House and were greeted so warmly, and taken care of so nicely. The staff spoke English, which was a real plus. He took us to a private room several doors down from their main location. It had a small kitchen, large bathroom, and extra toilet -- heaven, after being on a train from Romania for over eleven hours! We even had a balcony where we had our morning coffee. Our host even called the airport minibus for us on the day we were leaving. Thank you so much for such a lovely place. We highly recommend it!  , USA ()
3  The staff were quite nice here, but the doubles were under renovation. So we were sent off to Museum Guest House 2. They sent us down the street to another apartment. The toilets were not very clean and the tub needed a good scrub. The double was small and fairly spartan. It wasn't very noisy, but could be a long tedious wait to use the "free" internet. Very good location.  ()
5  I came here expecting to stay three nights -- I stayed for one week! This place is in such a beautiful, quiet yet central area of Budapest. It is so rare to find a hostel with character -- no bland rooms with prison-style bunks. The staff are so friendly and helpful and speak great English. The hostel attracts a really great mix of travellers from all over the globe who all have an amazing experience. Museum Guest House made my Budapest experience -- stay here!  ()
5  All I can say is that this is an AMAZING hostel for its staff and its inner decoration (with a very personal touch!). I think there were two showers (and not just one) with hot and cold water. The hostel is in an apartment, which make it very cozy. I will recommend it to anyone going to Budapest!  ()
4  Yes, this is a small, basic hostel with one shower. But for me, this hostel's location, its wonderful staff, and its cozy atmosphere MORE than made up for it. We had problems in Hungary with our visa for Romania, and we often couldn't tell the staff until after 1 p.m. whether we were staying another night or not. They were so good about it—very understanding. We also arrived at this hostel after the one we booked into messed up our booking. They only had one bed but, after hearing our story, they found another bed for us. I'd recommend this place. I had a wonderful time in Budapest and this hostel was part of it.  ()
4  Don't stay in the dorms — the huge private rooms are almost the same price. The rooms have one bathroom between five people (rather than 30 in the dorm), large beds, a TV, kitchen, and sitting room. Basically you're in an apartment, but for the price of a hostel room. The dorms are crowded and extremely noisy. They're not worth it.  ()
2  Maybe the private rooms are good, but I stayed in the dorms and it was below average. The rooms were crowded and you had to walk through other rooms to get to yours. The kitchen was small and basically in the way. They also claim to have 22 beds, but they only have one shower. The only plus was a decent location, but with the subway most everything is accessible.  ()
2  Well, this isn't the greatest hostel I've stayed in however, we did get the worst room. We had to walk through one room to get to ours, across squeaky floorboards in the dark. Our beds were on the brink of collapsing, the pillows were awful, and it had one small window which barely opened, making it hot and smelly. The other 2 rooms seemed a bit more airy, so I suggest if you stay in the dorms you ask for the one way at the back of the kitchen. We got kicked out the kitchen once when the staff wanted a meeting and also had 2 extra beds jammed in our room, making it a 9 bed instead of 7. With the stinking heat it didn't make for a good night's sleep. One shower is pretty poor as well. You waste half the day waiting to get in. On the plus side, the internet is readily available in the day. It's a good location, close to most places you'd like to be. Security is no problem, but there's a distinct lack of fire safety and I wouldn't like to be in there during a blaze! I'm giving it 2 stars based on my experience in the worst room. I suggest you look elsewhere as it dampened what was otherwise a great time in Budapest.  ()

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