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Hostel Pilcomayo

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An easy to find hostel in the heart of Valparaiso. From the bus station it is a 2 km walk down the main road Av Pedro Montt in the westerly direction. After the cathedral, this street ends but keep walking west along Esmeralda until you reach the ancient (scary) Ascensor Concepcion (Concepcion elevator), one of the many elevators that characterize this city of 285,000. For 120 pesos, this rambling thing takes you up to the residencial area Concepcion on Cerro Concepcion (Concepcion Hill) which has a nice church with good views over the town and harbour.

The quiet hostel, well away from noisy traffic, is on the right hand side just off Tempelman. There are only three rooms which can all be rented per bed (share) or as a single, twin or triple. The rooms are rather dark, most of them have no windows and some of the matrasses require guests with a natural mattrass layer on the body, some are quite hard.

The kitchen is rather small, clean enough. There is a lack of pots and pans, but plenty of cutlery and plates.

The only bathroom contains only one shower/bath and toilet. Hot water is available but has to be asked for. The sober but acceptable lounge is clean with a nice wooden floor. The view from the lounge is not as spectacular as from outside on the road or from the roofs of nearby cafes and restaurants, but at night many lights of the city below can be seen from this typical city with more than 60 hills and about 30 Ascensores.

The owners are friendly and speak good English besides the national language of Spanish. Free maps are available and some interesting walks through town are recommended. For the internet junkies, it is available for free, well included in the price, just like a basic breakfast. All in all a reasonable place to stay at a reasonable price.

Exclusive Hostelz.com Review
February 2004
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