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Sea Point Youth Hostel is great if you want to be cramped together like a can of sardines.

The Location

This hostel is located near the beach in an area called the Barceloneta -- the area is similar to South Beach in Florida. There are a lot of eateries and restaurants nearby. Within walking distance is the boardwalk where there is a mall, an aquarium, and more places to have a snack or a light meal. The subway is about ten minutes' walk from the hostel. The bus station is within a walking distance, but you can hop on a bus or the subway to get to and from the hostel. The bus stop is located nearby.

Rooms and Bathrooms

The room consists of four bunk beds for eight people, one loft (or overhead in a corner). The room is a two-room combined, even though there are two doors clearly labeled 101 and 103. There is no partition inside the room to make it two rooms, so it is actually one room with about twenty-two beds. The lockers are big to fit large suitcases. The room is located on a side street where there a lot of party animals who go out at night and make a lot of noises -- your sleep is almost certain to be interrupted.

The one bathroom, which consists of two showers without doors or shower curtains and only one toilet, gets dirty really fast. There is one hook behind the bathroom door for hanging clothes.

Common Spaces

This hostel is very convenient for the late night drinkers and party animals but doesn't seem like it's a social hostel. The hostel has a side business of a restaurant and you can have a free breakfast of coffee, tea, milk, juices, cereals, fruit, and toasts. There are three computers located near the front desk.


We did not like this hostel -- this was our first experience of staying at any hostel (our first stop in our three-week trip) and it made us weary and skeptical of the next several hostels to come. The bathroom and rooms were never once cleaned during our three-day stay and it was no wonder we caught a cold of some sort when we left. The staff are not friendly and helpful. This place is for those who want to rest before or after a hangover. They also tend to overbook. If you're looking for space and comfort, this is not the hostel for you.
by Christine Nguyen
Hostelz.com Staff Reviewer
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(Location is approximate. You may need to pan/move to find "Equity Point Sea" at Plaça del Mar 1-4.)


Plaça del Mar 1-4, Barceloneta Beach, Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain
41.375299, 2.189637 (accuracy not guaranteed)
+34 93-231 20 45
+34 93 246 15 52
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Hostelz.com Guest Reviews

Could have been better
The location to the beach and clubs is clearly the best thing. The bed are bare, and the atmosphere wasn't great. Every time you shower it makes a huge mess. Not overly clean. It just wasn't for us.
Age 21, Canada
Great location, couldnt be closer to the beach. average in quality
Rooms not so clean, open spaces in the walls between rooms. It can get pretty noisy! Great access to the beach though.
Excellent secure location, breakfast great, staff could be friendlier
Right on the beach, easy walk to Barceloneta metro and into Barrio Gottica / Las Ramblas. Breakfast had great variety and was always well stocked and replenished.
  This Hostel Rocks! The women In the hostel had very good hospitality in them. they were very nice and gentle, i liked.
  Ok place at best, right by a beach, but one of the grimiest beaches I have ever seen. On par with Brighton Beach in Brooklyn. Nice waves though. The place is run a lot like a prison, complete with a turnstyle and three hundred-pound Ironman security guard. The lockers on the other hand are a complete joke. A child could pry them open. The rooms are packed full of beds and it is a twenty-minute walk from a metro. My only other complaints would be that the windows are locked and they charge ten € for laundry. Staff not bad under the circumstances. Decent breakfast.
  This was a great hostel. It was definitely not in the middle of town — but it was nice to stay off the beach. It is literally five steps from the sand. Well worth the hike into the nearest Metro station. The hostel itself was nice — air-conditioned, free Internet, small breakfast. In our room we had our own bathroom with shower, which was nice. It can get kind of noisy at night — and the walls are rather thin. Bring a pair of headphones — but I thought the air conditioning and free Internet were worth the little bit of noise. All in all, it's a pretty good hostel.
  It is right by the beach, which is great. We woke up Easter morning and lounged on the beach for a few hours. But it is quite a long walk to the Metro with your heavy bags, and fairly far from Las Ramblas, though not too bad. The dorms themselves I did NOT enjoy. There were more than ten beds in the room I was in, stacked to the ceiling with one girl in a cubby over the bathroom. It was hot with no windows at all. The bathrooms were fine, but like a lot of other people commented, the walls don't go to the ceiling so you hear everyone on both sides of you and when you are getting up and ready they hear you, too. The people at the desk weren't terribly friendly, and coming in late at midnight we had to bang and shout even though they were standing right there. Overall not great but it is in a good location.
  We stayed here in June 2005 and we really enjoyed it. We met two very cute Canadian guys, so we were happy. Our dorm was nice and had a bathroom attached to it and there was free Internet access. Unfortunately there were a few uptight American girls beside us saying awful things to us, but apart from that the people there were nice and friendly. A male staff member was a little unfriendly at times, but maybe he had a bad day. He was nice later on. The storage room doesn't lock so if you wish to leave your bag there while you explore before you leave, I recommend that you place a lock on your bag for safe keeping. You can rent lockers for 5 euros that you get back at the end of your stay. The beach is only meters away and it was so beautiful. I would stay there again for sure.

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