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Despite the less-than-stellar reviews, and the fact that we drove right past the place (it’s nestled among a slew of inexpensive motels and looks much like the rest -- perhaps even a little shadier from the road), we had a perfectly lovely stay at the Palm Lakefront Hostel.

The Location

The entrance/parking lot can give you pause, but once you get to the end of the lot, it's all exceedingly welcoming -- the sounds of Bob Marley emanating from the office; the stone Buddha building façade; and the palm tree next to the sign directing you to the pool, lakefront, and gazebo. We found Aaron, the owner, to be quite pleasant, friendly, and helpful.

Rooms and Bathrooms

The rooms are standard motel rooms in layout and size, but house varying numbers of beds and bunks. Lack of rugs or other décor and the rather plain walls give the rooms a less-than-cozy feeling, but they’re relatively clean. A coat of paint and perhaps some refinishing of tubs and showers would go a long way to making the accommodations much more appealing (and perhaps cleaner feeling).

Common Spaces

The common space is large and skews a bit more institutional than comfortable living room -- there are several tables and chairs, a TV in that high-on-the-wall-and-always-on public place position. The kitchen is galley shaped but large and modestly equipped. Actually, there's plenty of room for cooking, but it's somewhat limited in dishes -- or maybe it’s just that the quality of dishes (there's lots of plastic and things that have probably outlived their moment).

The grounds out back are quite nice, and perhaps underused and underemphasized, and include several gas grills; a campfire ring; stone statues; swimming pool; and best of all in our opinion, a wooden walkway and gazebo on the lake. The gazebo is a perfect spot for watching the sunrise or pausing at the end of a day of adventure -- tall reeds along the shores, ducks doing their thing, other gazebos across the lake in view but not intrusive.


Perhaps the most immediate need (and criticism) has to do with general maintenance and housekeeping. Trash cans seem to overflow before they’re emptied, food scraps linger in the kitchen sinks too long, and carpets and furniture could use a little attention. Basically, the whole place could use a coat of paint and more consistent housekeeping policies and/or efforts. Plans for some renovation/sprucing up seem to be in the works. But for the price, it’s a clean bed, beautiful setting (out back), and well worth the stay.
by Jill Ross Staff Reviewer
February 2011


(Location is approximate. You may need to pan/move to find "Palm Lake Front Resort & Hostel" at 4840 West Irlo Bronson Memorial Highway (Highway 192).)


4840 West Irlo Bronson Memorial Highway (Highway 192), Kissimmee, Orlando, Florida, USA
28.332602, -81.477151 (accuracy not guaranteed)
+1 (407) 396-1759/ +1 (407) 414-4057/ + (407) 420-7954
+1 (407) 396-1598
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67% Guest Reviews

If you're expecting a hostel, just get a hotel.
I ended up paying for 2 nights, and leaving after walking into the room. Everything in this hotel is ancient, even if it was clean, it would still be dirty. No furniture can withstand many decades of wear and tear and still be acceptable to use. If you are traveling alone, just book another hotel. If you have at least an average standard, but aren't squeamish with some dirt, just book another hotel. The common area smelled of dust and mold. The appliances in the common area were questionable, in fact, I don't understand how they were still working. I felt like if I stayed in this hotel at night, I would end up consuming cockroaches (Especially since it's Florida). If you literally cannot afford another place, Don't go to Florida. This place is not a hostel, and I do not suggest anyone to come here. The guy at the front was nice, but very awkward, which made the whole experience like the cherry on top of a waste of money.
Age 22, USA
Wow. Don't even consider staying here. I booked in for a few nights at the hostel so that I could be close to Universal Studios. When I pulled in to the parking lot I was already uncomfortable -- the hostel/motel (this is not a resort by any means) was sketchy looking and dirty. I immediately feared the nice car I rented would be in jeopardy! I went in to the "reception area" (a small, dirty desk in tiny room), there was nobody at the desk. Somebody in the common area pointed to the couch, and after watching my confused face, they got the attention of the woman laying on the couch. It turned out that was the woman in charge of the desk. She was literally laying down watching TV. She asked what I wanted (seriously, she said "Yeah?" to me). I told her I had a reservation, but she couldn't even pull up my reservation with my name/credit card. I honestly don't know what kind of business is run without keeping a ledger of guests names. I told her such and she said "we are under new management." (She was also being very rude to another guest while "dealing" with me.) I was frustrated, and after she told me to "relax and not get worked up," I decided I was not comfortable staying in such a place. I told her I would return, but instead I sat in my car and searched for somewhere else to stay and never went back in. I have no idea what the rooms look like, nor can I comment on any other aspect of the hostel. I can only imagine how horribly my stay would have been if I stuck around. I was incredibly disappointed in the absolute lack of any form of service or regard for the fact I was going to be a paying customer who is supporting the business. I emailed the place directly and have yet to receive a response (this was over 2 weeks ago). Don't bother with this garbage dump. I ended up at a motel that was $15 more per night, and although it was no 5-star resort, I wasn't treated as an inconvenience and had a secure room for a few nights.
Age 30, Canada
Much better than expected.
The rooms are clean, the other people staying are friendly. Only downside is the pools a bit grim and the wifi can be a bit slow at peak times. I didn't use the kitchen as there were a lot of restaurants and a supermarket just across the road. Would definitely stay here again!
Age 19, England
Sucked ... don't stay there.
When I arrived to check in the cleaning people told me there was No one at the front desk to check me in. after returning 4 hours later, no one was still at the front Desk. I check in at a nearby motel for that nite. Finally the 2nd day the Mgr decides he would come to work ... when I told him no one was at the front desk to check me in, instead of apologizing, he told me he will kindly over the NO SHOW FEE. I told him I did show up, there was No one to CHECK ME IN. long story short, there are cheap nearby motels near this Hostel, pay the extra $7 at the motel. it's worth it. forget this Hostel.
Age 47, American
Cheapest option and probably the worst
This was definitely the cheapest place to stay in Orlando and you get what you pay for. The owner is a HUGE JERK, avoid him if you can. If you need to get up early and get into the office, he doesn't get off his lazy butt until after 8am. The bunk beds are uncomfortable and there are loads of snorers. Plus, the facilities are pretty grimy, the cleaning woman sits around all day. Good luck trying to cook, the kitchen is disgusting and most of the burners on the stove don't work. Cheap is cheap.
Age 22, USA
Ok if you are traveling solo
Pros -- Free wifi in fact the wifi is great for a hostel. Cheap -- I stayed four nights for just over 60 bucks. Location -- It is pretty close to a lot of the major attractions. Cons -- Unfriendly and unhelpful staff. The staff just doesn't care about anything just so long as you pay. Safety -- I understand staying at a hostel comes with its risks, but when the door to your room can't even shut all the way and thereby prevents it from being able to lock, that adds a new level of unsafeness. You could literally just push the door open and walk into the room I was lodged in. Inconvenience -- I had to catch an early plane out of Orlando, but was the office open to drop my key and linens off? Nope. The office didn't open till eight, even then they were a out ten minutes late the day I left. So if you have an early morning flight I would stay away from here. As I just about missed my flight. The 'x' factor -- They don't have it. From the unfriendly staff to the way the property is maintained (horribly even though it is a lovely piece of property and has huge potential they are just letting it go to waste), to the inconvenience factor (see number 3)-you just get the feeling that you are an unwanted intruder necessary for them to make a living. Now I don't expect Marriott service at a hostel, but I do expect professionalism which this place was definitely lacking.
Age 27, American
Great place
had a great time. Have stayed at many hostels and rate this one a great one. Its also near Disney. The staff was fun and the rooms clean and not overcrowded. I recommend this place.
Fred Henninger Jr
Very nice Hostel, poor bus service in Kis./ Orlando
I really liked staying here and stayed longer than I planned. There are only two bad things about the hostel. The shuttle services to theme parks are rather pricey (might be worth staying somewhere with free shuttles since the bus really takes forever to go to some parks when I finally arrives [not on time or even close most of the time]). The second one is the old mattresses. Ok, and the kitchen opens at 8am, before that time you cant get in ... sucks if you just want to take some food out of the fridge to catch an early shuttle. Other than that, the hostel is great. Its clean, nice people, good facilities, close to supermarkets (be careful when crossing Hw. 192), nice rooms, friendly stuff, helpful with information and bookings ... and really cheap.

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