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(Location is approximate. You may need to pan/move to find "Casa Rosseta For Backpackers" at Cannaregio 1451/A (Calle degli Ormesini).)


Cannaregio 1451/A (Calle degli Ormesini), Venice (Venezia), Veneto, Italy
45.445093, 12.327920 (accuracy not guaranteed)
None (if you know the URL of their website, tell us and we'll add it)
0039 333 22 42 929
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Bedbugs everywhere!!! Horrible!!
It was the most horrible hostel I've ever seen! We are all full with bites from bedbugs! We saw the bedbugs in our beds, on the floor. Finally I was at the doctor, he gave me pills and a cream. And today an exterminator was at my home! I took bedbugs with me to Austria!!! I paid 500€ for the exterminator! This is so awful and I am really shocked!
Catharina Bamberger
Good value and location
Clean, close to the train station (10 min), quiet, good beds, excellent WiFi and very good value for Venice! It's not a hostel, but a B&B, so don't expect common areas or great atmosphere. The owners live in the same house, don't speak English very well, but enough for its purpose. Simple breakfast, but for me was good. Just one bathroom, but with 2 showers and also clean. Recommended.
Age 29, Brazil
Ok hostel, great location!
This okay hostel is very conveniently located, in Canareggio, within 10 minutes walking from the train station. Actually, that's the best part of it. Apart from that the hostel is ok -- beds are comfy, breakfast is included, and everything is clean. The only thing I would complain about is the city tax for B&B (3 euro) they charge you on arrival, since they don't tell you that when making the reservation on the net. The staff was rather unfriendly, I might say, since they did not make any effort to try to speak any English or Italian. Having a single bathroom was also a problem, but even so, it was pretty clean. All in all, it is a good choice for those looking for an affordable yet central place, don't expect too much though!
Age 21, Spain
Well located but not so good
The location, a short walk from the train station (in cannaregio), is the only great thing about this Hostel. They have one toilet (the bidet was not connected to water for those who are interested), no dryer (wash is €6), checkout is early (10am) with no option of leaving your bags for the day and the breakfast is very very meagre. Feels clean and is in a cute labyrinth of alleys but is double the price of many other hostels in Italy offering much much more.
Age 27, Canada
Terrible, terrible
I would not ever, ever, ever stay here again. This hostel is by far the worst one I've ever chosen! The hosts are really awkward, not welcoming, hardly speak English or Italian, and seem annoyed by our presence. The place is dirty, with only one bathroom, and we stayed in a room with a horribly smelly, unpleasant guy (not the hosts fault, I know). Location was not as good as expected, with 30 minutes to the Rialto and more to the Piazza. I wish I'd read the reviews more carefully.
Age 25, U.S.
Good location and cozy room.
This hostel is about 10-15 minutes walk from the St. Lucia station and is not hard to be found. The beds are comfortable and the room is very clean and homey. The only "common room" is a small kitchen with a small wood table and a fridge. There's also a good wifi too. Just be prepared if the rooms are fully booked or if there are many people staying in this hostel, because as far as I've seen, there are only two shower rooms and one toilet, which are shared. However, overall it's a very nice place for short stay.
Manoressy Tobias
Age 23, Indonesia
This is more of a guesthouse than a hostel. The beds are very comfortable. There is a small dining room with a microwave. There is no other common area. Bathroom setup is not great; no lock on the main door for the bathroom, only on the shower doors, which would be fine if there was space in the shower cubicle to hang your clothes and towel, but there is not. There is no proper holder for the shower head, just a bent coat hanger, so I ended up just holding it. Wifi signal is good in the dining room. The owner is very friendly and helpful. Ideally if you are on a budget you should book somewhere that can be easily reached on foot, otherwise you have to pay €7 for the water bus, so the location is great, only 10 minutes walk from the train station. You do need to tell them your arrival time, as there is not always someone home to let you in. If this was in any other city I would give it a lower rating, but for Venice it's good.
Great location and friendly staff
This hostel is about a ten minute walk from the train station and very easy to find using the map in the site. The rooms are nice and big and very clean. The lady running the hostel was very nice and provided a nice breakfast every morning. Venice is amazing and this is a great hub for exploring the city.
Really Excellent.
The hostel is close to the main train station, just walking distance and easy to find out. It is really convenient. The environment is clean and quiet. They provide free and good breakfast. It's really nice. The quality of free WIFI is good. The host is kind and likes to help people. She gave me a really good suggestion how to travel in Venice and the other small islands. And She helps me a lot. The hostel is a really nice place I stayed in Italy. Choose it and you will never regret. Strongly recommended.
A very nice hostel with comfortable beds. The owner is really nice and helped us a lot. The place is not difficult to find even we arrived at late night and it is really close to city centre. There are supermarkets and resturants nearby too.
Age 20, Hong Kong

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