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Bozeman Backpacker

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Hostelz.com's Review
The Bozeman International Backpackers Hostel is a very good deal for your money. Formerly a private home, the hostel is in a residential neighborhood. Olive Street runs parallel to Main and is only two streets over. Conveniently located within a short walk to downtown, hostellers have access to the public library, shopping, restaurants, and a food cooperative. Those visitors with a car also enjoy free parking on the street in front of the hostel.

The hostel offers co-ed dorm rooms as well as private rooms. The dorm rooms are simple and spotless, with three sets of bunk beds and wooden floors. Unfortunately, the setup and shape of the room we stayed in affords very little privacy, especially because all six beds were full during our stay. The hostel does not have any computers or Internet access, but does list information about nearby Internet cafes. There are also several binders with information about Bozeman and the surrounding area in living room. The staff thinks of all the minor details to make your stay enjoyable, even attaching padding to the low edge of the stairwell ceiling so no one hits his or her head.

The atmosphere at the hostel is very laid back, and the front porch and living room are great for lounging. The staff trusts visitors to check themselves in if no one is around, asking them to slide their money under a door and choose their own bed. This relaxed attitude does not equate with neglect, however, and everything is well cared-for and clean, including the kitchen and bathrooms. One of the two bathrooms opens up into the kitchen, however, so bring a bathrobe for after your shower. Overall, the hostel is very comfortable and pleasant, a great choice for anyone interested in exploring Bozeman and the surrounding area.

Exclusive Hostelz.com Review
September 2006

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Hostelz.com Guest Reviews
2   Loud I have been to this hostel twice. The first time was when Wayne was manager and I was very impressed by his helpfulness and dedication to the hostel. I was disappointed the second time and the reason is that the current managers seemed oblivious that there was someone trying tp sleep in the room while they were in the bathroom. I was also surprised that their conversation continued into the dining area and they still seemed unaware that it was 1 a.m. Most hostel have a quiet policy after 10 p.m. I still recommend it but ask for an upstairs room where it is more quiet. Also, I found it a bit disconcerting that I looked at one of the books left on a table and the manager advised hostelers not to steal the book that he had bought for someone.  ()
5   Thumbs Up! I liked what i saw. was there in July 2005. cool place, nice part of town, friendly staff. i was in and out -- in around 8 p.m. and gone by 9 a.m. the next morning.  , United States ()
3  Great! It was a perfect dream for me. I can't forget Montana. There is a perfect place. Bozeman Backpackers Hostel was my first stop in the USA. I was excited. It was also strange but you have to relax if you are staying at Bozeman Backpackers.  ()
5  Very good hostel with a good price, nice people, and it's well equipped. I do really recommend it.  ()
5  I've stayed at a lot of hostels and this one is one of the best. It has friendly staff, is very clean, and has a big front porch. I was there last month and it cost $16 for a dorm.  ()
5  The best place in Montana--good times, great friends, and clean sheets.  ()
5  The Bozeman Backpackers Hostel is a great place to hang out, with a very relaxed atmosphere. It is only two blocks from downtown. I have stayed there both in winter and in summer, and there is plenty to see and do. There is great skiing and snowboarding at two local areas, and in the summer there is great hiking, biking and climbing, plus lots of river activities. I would recommend this hostel to anyone wanting a relaxed place to stay. The owner is an Australian, and has a lot of information about the area. It is $16 per night for a dorm bed, and my girlfriend and I stayed in the private room, which was a total of $35. Happy travels.  ()
4  The Bozeman Hostel is known to serious Northern Rocky skiers of all ages, and you can't beat Bozeman for inexpensive skiing and nightlife. Hey, if you want Aspen, go to Aspen! The hostel is within walking distance to grocery stores, downtown, and ski and bike shops. Bridger Bowl rocks! There's almost always room, too. Last time I stayed it was $20 for a dorm bed.  ()

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