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Diamond Diggers Backpackers

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Hostelz.com's Review
Diamond Diggers Backpackers is a full service hostel. It is very much a party hostel and can be noisy at times. It is an excellent place to meet people and get travel information. The staff can arrange anything that you need from car rental to trips into Johannesburg museums to tours of animal parks. It is a great place to meet travelers and arrange onward bookings.

The Location

The location is in a safe area in a suburb of Johannesburg and security is good. It is a bit out of town and it isn't really close to many attractions so taking cabs is the way to get around if guests do not have a car. For a fee the hostel has its own shuttle service. For guests with cars here is secure parking. There are lots of fun activities at the hostel, though, for guests who don't want to venture too far.

Rooms and Bathrooms

Diamond Diggers Backpackers has various types of rooms. The dorms are small and cramped but the double and single rooms are very nice for the price. All the bathrooms are clean.

Common Spaces

The communal kitchen has everything and there is a large BBQ area. They have a fun Jacuzzi Bar with good views into Johannesburg. There are plenty of security lockers, a TV, and a pool table in the large lounge area. There is also laundry and a well staffed and informed travel desk. The tours are competitively priced and easy to arrange. Internet is available and there is also a pub on-site. The hostel will cook dinner for guests that is quite good and very reasonably priced. It is a great way to meet people.


This hostel is very popular, so it is easy to meet travelers and have a good time. The staff are well informed about activities and can arrange anything that is needed. Everyone on staff is friendly and helpful. They do offer free airport pickup, which is a nice bonus. The value is good for a clean, safe, and fun hostel.

Review by S. Topf

Exclusive Hostelz.com Review
January 2009

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Hostelz.com Guest Reviews
2   Dirty and BedBugs A few days before arriving, we had heard horror stories about this place, so my group leader tried to get our deposit back but the manager refused. I was there with a group of twenty people who were all booked months in advance, and we were given a house that apparently was usually used as a communal space for anybody in the hostel. We got inside and the place was dirty; the bathroom was in desperate need of a cleaning; and the kitchen was filthy, greasy, and the appliances did not work. I found a plate full of food in a cupboard. All throughout the evening we had people in and out using our bathroom, TV, and kitchen. There was a missing window pane in one of the bedrooms and most beds had bugs. The mattresses were very thin anyway, so several people ended up sleeping in the living room that night where there was an outside door leading to the porch that did not close all the way. We were scheduled to stay there three nights, but only lasted one.  , Canada ()
2   Overrun with staff friends, not clean The owners were out of town when we visited, and the employees (except for the very helpful manager) could be found playing video games or watching TV. Our room had no sheets, no toilet paper, and the bath wasn't cleaned from the previous occupant. We had to swipe supplies from the storeroom. The infamous jacuzzi, sauna, braai, and movies were all unavailable since the staff didn't want to run them. The staff's friends were packed into the bar, making it for a very drunken, annoying crowd. And the location is in the middle of nowhere. Pluses -- free airport pickup, but I don't think that's worth it.  , USA ()
5  Hi there guys. Well, I stayed here back in April, only for a few nights, and I was on my own but all the dudes made me feel very welcome. It's a great place and has a good atmosphere. I'll be back there soon to pick up my Jack's Jungle Juice from the bar, as I'm sure it's too strong for them!!  ()
1  I have just recently stayed at this hostel and found it didn't match up to expectations. We found the place to be a bit of a shambles. Upon arriving at 4 p.m., we were shown into a dirty old room with broken glass on the floor and no clean bedding. This was disappointing, as the room had been booked in advance. The surfaces in the kitchen and lounge were in need of a good clean. The senior staff were openly abusive to those lower down the chain. We appreciated the lift to airport, but that was about all.  ()
4  Located up a side street in the nice district of Johannesburg, this hostel is in a great location for shopping, transits to the city center, and tour booking (all of which the staff can help you organize). The friendly staff are always available for advice and cater for your every need. There's an on-site bar with a pool table and a hot tub. They serve dinner and breakfast at an extra cost—both of which you can take in the dining room of the main house, or in any of the attached dining rooms within the complex. There are good kitchens for guest use, which are big and clean, as well as a quiet lounge that you can relax in and watch television. There's a shopping center and grocery store within walking distance. This is not your usual backpackers hostel!!  ()
5  This hostel is a great place to stay. The staff are really friendly and the hot tub in the bar provides much entertainment!! Food is available, as are shuttles to nearby Eastgate Mall, the Apartheid Museum, and the airport/bus station, for a very small fee. Free pickup is also available from where you are arriving.  ()

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