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Hostel Kiev Backpackers

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Special Note from Hostelz.com: Hostel Kiev Backpackers is no longer listed in any of the hostel booking systems. There is a good chance they may have closed down. If you have any information about it, please let us know with the Listing Update Form.

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Hostelz.com's Review
TIU KievBackpackers is the flagship of the TUI chain in Ukraine. The owner and founder of the TUI chain lives in this hostel in the common room, making it feel like someone's home instead of a hostel. It is very hard to find from the directions given and we had to ask some guy if he knew where the hostel was.

The Location

The location is great, very central and with lots of bars and a club nearby -- it has everything you want. The police are visible in the area, which gives a safe feeling. With many cheap places to eat nearby, there is no need to cook your own food in the hostel.

Rooms and Bathrooms

The ten-bed dorm has lockers and enough room to move, but the beds are not very nice to sleep on -- in fact some of them are just metal frames with thin mattresses that really should be burned and replaced. The double room is the nicest room in the place by far and we would suggest booking this if you have a need. The bathrooms are small and cramped and the bath had the dirt ring that most Ukrainian hostels have, but other than that it was clean enough.

Common Spaces

The common room has a funny smell it in, but when the owner told us he sleeps there that explained it. His sleeping in the common room means it is off-limits at night as well. It has a nice TV if you want to waste time watching DVDs (their DVD collection is great as well). The kitchen is where most people seem to hang out drinking to the early hours of the morning.


Overall this is another one of the hostels that the owner lives in and you have to share the place with him and his friends. This gives a different feeling -- some people like it (it's a couch surfer feel) and some do not. The owner does seem to care about his guests, and takes them on free pub crawls and drives them down to Odessa. We think the TUI chain promotes the owners (who are mostly not locals) to live in the their hostels so most have that same lived in feel -- if you like that then you will like other TUI hostels.

Exclusive Hostelz.com Review
September 2010

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