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Hostal Don Diego

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A very chilled out and relaxed hostel, Hostal Don Diego is a great place to stay while you are visiting Xela. While it is not an overly active or social hostel, they do have a good noticeboard with information about things happening around the area and you will meet people in the main common areas and the kitchen with which you can hang out with and do things.

The Location

Don Diego is in very close proximity to the Centroamerica Parque in downtown Xela. It is a close walk to the supermarket and most of the close downtown attractions.

Rooms and Bathrooms

There are many rooms here. There are dorm rooms which contain different numbers of beds and also private rooms if you prefer. The beds are comfortable, but some of them do have a dip in the middle of the beds as they are older mattresses. There are three bathrooms, only two of which contain showers that have hot water. They are clean and maintained daily.

Common Spaces

Don Diego has a kitchen that is well equipped with stove tops, microwaves, ovens, and utensils for cooking, which is a great asset for staying here. The kitchen also has a purifier on the tap, so that you can drink the water from here for free.

Outside of the kitchen is the courtyard area where they have tables and chairs for people to sit around and socialize. They have a computer that you can use to access internet if you don't have your own device to get the Wi-Fi here in the hall. There is also a television in the main reception area with couches where you can sit and enjoy a movie or watch some television if you need a day to chill out and relax.


Security at the hostel is great and they have strict policies on guests in the hostel with them not being allowed in rooms or the kitchen. They have a twenty-four-hour reception where you ring the bell at night and they open the door to let you into the hostel. As a place to stay in Xela, it is cheap, affordable, and comfortable accommodation. You can't go past Hostal Don Diego.

by Globetrotter
Hostelz.com Staff Reviewer
March 2013

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4   Improve hot showers? very pleasant environment ... but no hot showers. wifi signal good & nice hostess is bilingual. thank you!  , age 60, usa ()
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