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Chalet Backpackers

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Hostelz.com Guest Reviews
4  We stayed in a double room, the room was very spacious and had a high ceiling, it was also very clean. The owners of the place are very friendly and the fact that they do your laundry and fold it for you for only $5 is just awesome, saves a lot of time! We were also provided with free towels in our room, nice to keep one's towels clean. The kitchen is quite big and has everything you might need and the dining room is just off a long table, very easy to strike up a conversation with other housemates that way. The free pool table was also a nice bonus!  , Swedish ()
4  The place gives a bit of a creepy feeling when you first walk in and hear about it being a former hospital, and of course — the ghost. After a few minutes though, you get to see the kitchen, lounge, pool table, and the nice little smokers' back yard, and you find out it's quite nice actually. The rooms are clean, and no bunks — which is always a big plus. The only thing is it's a bit tough climbing up High Street in the middle of the night when you're drunk as a little pig. :)  ()
4  Quaint place with comfortable rooms, friendly staff, a feline "manager" named Zack and rumors of a ghost. Highly recommended if you don't mind the climb up High Street.  ()
4  This place freaked the hell out of me! I think it used to be a hospital or school for sick kids, or maybe even an old convent (or wherever nuns live). Either way, there are rumors of a ghost and even though I didn't see one I did get an eerie feeling walking around the downstairs at night! Brrrr. It's cool, though, with a HUGE industrial kitchen, little nooks and crannies throughout the place and neat dorm rooms that have no bunks and fit four or five people, the perfect size for socializing. I recommend it.  ()
5  Fantastic!!!  ()

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