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Musicology Hostel

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Hostelz.com's Review
There is a level of expectation you get after visiting Musicology Hostel's website, but a sense of disappointment as you push open the door and step into the hostel. Sure, the hostel has a good vibe, with more than adequate common spaces but when all is said and done it's just a little ... well, dirty.

The Location

Located in the heart of La Candelaria and surrounded by many other hostels, restaurants, and the main tourist sights, the hostel is perfectly located. It is a ten-minute walk to the nearest TransMilenio (bus) stop and around a twenty-minute taxi ride from the airport.

Rooms and Bathrooms

The rooms are basic and pretty dirty. The mattresses are decent and the bunk beds are sturdy. Below the beds are built in lockers that can be secured with a padlock. Although the large dorm is sold as a ten-bed dorm, it is built in two sections, meaning that it is more like a six- and four-bed than a huge room with ten beds. The bathrooms are dirty, but hot water is available throughout the day.

Common Spaces

There is a good-sized courtyard when you first walk into the hostel, around which hang a couple of hammocks and there is some patio furniture at the side. The garden itself is a little scruffy, with the grass needing to be cut and weeding to be done. It is a bit of a shame as the setting is really pleasant. The reception area features two computers that are free to use and there is another courtyard with hammocks behind. On the second floor is the bar that gets quite lively in the evenings. Here are served breakfast and dinner that are included in the price of the bed. On the floor above is the attic room where there is a TV and DVD selection.


Musicology has a good vibe and attracts a friendly backpacker crowd, who are outgoing and so it's a good place to meet people. The fact that the price of your bed includes breakfast and dinner is not only great financially, but also means that everyone heads to the bar area in the evening to eat together. Again this is conducive with the social atmosphere of the hostel. The only drawback is the cleanliness of the place. The toilets and showers need a real deep clean and the dorm areas are not much better. If you can get over this, you will have a great time there.

by Elgrumpygringo
Hostelz.com Staff Reviewer
August 2013

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Hostelz.com Guest Reviews
5   Best hostel in Bogota It's not overly-sterile but it's homey, lived in, and a lot of fun. Some of the nicest people (both long- and short-term guests), friendly and knowledgeable traveler staff, plenty of places to hang out, and decent food at somewhat-reasonable prices if you're lazy (the kitchen is a bit minimal). Ended up staying longer than intended and met tons of awesome people.  , age 29, UK ()
2   Noisy, dirty, questionable staff The whole place does not have a very clean feeling. The room was well below average with an uncomfortable bed. It was noisy through most of the night. The TV room does not even have any furniture, only some mats on the floor. The staff tried to short change me twice, maybe coincidental? There are many other hostels in Bogota of the same price range with better value.  , age 38 ()
4   Reasonably priced with cool hangout areas Happy hour drink prices are great. The staff members are very helpful and great to hang out with in the evenings.  , US ()
5   Great Staff, great location, great time The people and the staff really made the trip. Bogota wouldn't have been the same had they not taken the time to show us the best parts of the city. Definitely will be back again.  , USA ()
3   Beer and food is too expensive for a hostel Beer and food is too expensive for a hostel.  , GB ()
4   Very nice Very nice hostel located in la candelaria, new firm beds, friendly staff, and spotlessly clean. Makes sure you play giant jenga at the upstairs bar! If only the beer wasnt so expensive it would be five-star!  , USA ()
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