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Hans Brinker Budget Hotel is basically a nice, chilled out place to start and end any day in Amsterdam. It is run by a handful of international staff members, who are very nice and helpful.

The Location

Amsterdam's streets promise any walk to be a great experience, so the one-and-a-half kilometers it'll take you to get from the hostel to the city center is not a problem, as it would be in most cities. There are other options of travel for more budgeted travelers such as the tram system, that will take you to most hot spots in the city for a few Euros. There is a tram stop five minutes from the hostel. Another option is renting a bike from the different rentals around town (there is also a good bike rental two doors from the hostel). As for nightlife, most of the surrounding streets host endless pubs and eating establishment of all sorts. This is especially true for the southern streets and the main streets connecting the southern area to the city center.

Rooms and Bathrooms

The dorm rooms are pretty simple with different numbers of beds in the different rooms. Each bedroom has a toilet and shower room attached to it. The quality of the showers are questionable, but they do normally work.
The rooms have lockers for each bed, so when you receive a key, the letter on it points to what locker you are assigned. In comparison to other hostels, the beds are not as good, you may wake up to a new day in Amsterdam with a nice back pain.

Common Spaces

The ground floor of the hostel consists of different common spaces, such as the lobby desk that doubles as an information desk, a luggage storage room, the main lounge doubling as the eating area, and the bar. There is also the basement area that has the internet room and a second small lounge. Although all these common areas sound very promising, you couldn't really describe the hostel as a very social one -- everyone pretty much keeps to themselves.

The is a smoking outside area inside the hostel -- a patio of sorts for all the morning smokers -- but never try taking your cup of coffee out with you just to keep tensions low with the staff. There are no kitchens for personal cooking, but the hostel kitchen offers meals for a normal price -- but why eat in when you're surrounded by Amsterdam?


In short, this is a very good money for value hostel, and promises a very pleasant stay and a good and happy feeling for the duration of your stay. We would happily recommend it to anyone.
by Jake
Hostelz.com Staff Reviewer
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(Location is approximate. You may need to pan/move to find "Hans Brinker Budget Hotel" at Kerkstraat 136.)


Kerkstraat 136, Centrum, Amsterdam, North Holland, Netherlands
52.363600, 4.888163 (accuracy not guaranteed)
+31 (0)20 622 0687
+31 (0)20 638 2060
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Hostelz.com Guest Reviews

so noisy, and i dont know who was the intellectual in the hostel and came up with the "great" idea of not putting stairs at the bunk beds. Also it was dirty and the staff were not nice at all. once more again, totally awful.
Age 24, Spain
Ok for the price
Small rooms, not in the best conditions. Top beds have no stairs to climb. It's good if you want to party hard, but not recommendable if you're looking for a quiet place.
Age 31, Argentina
Clean and organized
Very Satisfying stay. clean, organized with a nice bar and club downstairs. Location is good, breakfast is better than expected. Had some inconvenience by the staff but not as bad as they say.
Burakhan Gedik
Age 23, Turkey
Not as bas as advertised
Good -- Bed, Sheets and towels, Crowd, Underground pub, Breakfast was really good. Bad -- Washroom (there is no divider between shower and toilet so gets pretty wet and messy). Overall good.
Age 26, india
Great stay in Amsterdam
Great hostel for a weekend / vacation in Amsterdam! Very friendly staff, great bar and club, good food, nice bed and clean bathroom. location = the best!
Age 24, German
Not that bad
Interesting marketing strategy advertising itself as the worst hostel in the world, but its actually not that bad. Its actually quite clean, but everything just looks really old, the sheets in particular. They have one socket for each bed which is quite good. I only stayed one night but i wouldnt wanna stay any longer as well.
Age 21, Hong Kong
we didn't stay here long, but it was fine. the beds were comfy, with clean linen and a good pillow/blanket. each bed has its own locker, and your bathroom is in you room, which is big enough for you to have a shower and not have all your clothes get wet. we didn't eat their food, but it was really cheap. they had two bars, though they weren't pumping or something (it was 11 p.m. on a sunday though). it's in a good place, near the keizersgracht, which is pretty central. we found the rembrandtplein easily, where you can get good cheap italian. the chick at reception was a rude bitch, though not really to us, but she wouldn't take any sh*t fmom you! overall, i would recommend this place, it was fine. bit rundown, but its pretty big, lotsa people, vending machines downstairs.
  Even though we felt really dirty and nothing was safe, everything was falling apart, we stank of weed, and the food was generally disgusting, we would totally recommend it to anyone of all ages, children included. It was proper awesome. Brilliant nightclub and have never wanted to go back to such a dirty place so much. Cannot wait to revisit and to stay for longer. Our friend loved it so much she got a job there. We loved it!
Nicola Thomas, Andy Aston and Pippa Blandford

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