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Linen House Hostel

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Hostelz.com's Review
Though its location could be called sketchy, Linenhouse Hostel provides all necessary facilities. Its most recommending features are its comfortable and spacious common spaces, whereas the dorms are cramped and the bathrooms dirty. It also has a pesky fee for left luggage. The nightly rates are more than worth any inconvenience, however, making it a worthy resting spot for any spendthrift.

The Location

Linenhouse Hostel is rather creepily situated down an alley, far removed from the bustling of Royal Road. If you can forgive this detail, however, you will be thankful for the free parking on the same alley (though security is questionable). Also, it is the only hostel north of the city center, giving you quicker access to Castlehouse Court (shopping), Shankhill Road (culture), and White’s Tavern (history).

Rooms and Bathrooms

Dorms can be mixed or single sex, with up to fourteen beds per dorm. There are also private rooms available, and there are very reasonable long-term bargains. The beds are comfortable, but because the rooms are long and narrow and there are no lockers, the aisles are perfect for tripping over suitcases in the dark. Each dorm has a bathroom, and there are extra bathrooms in the hallways, though the toilets and showers are separated. The showers are clean enough and are accessorized with floor mats, but the sinks lack hand soap and towels. You are left wiping your hands on your pants and hoping the germs swam away in the water.

Common Spaces

The common spaces are quiet and roomy. The lobby has computers for rent, free Wi-Fi, and large couches. The dining room has a TV and ample sitting room, so everyone can comfortably enjoy a rugby match over breakfast. The kitchen has the basic utensils for cooking, most notably a lot of open space for people to move around each other.


Linenhouse Hostel is a bargain accommodation. It may be inconvenient in certain aspects, but it is a quiet place to rest during your Belfast adventures.

Exclusive Hostelz.com Review
February 2012
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Hostelz.com Guest Reviews
1   Terrible hostel but worth the price though its the worst hostel ive ever stayed at, for that price id stay there again!  , age 23, israel ()
4   Nice place. Good place.  , age 27, India ()
3   A good night's rest This was a nice place to stay in Belfast and is located almost in the city center. It was very convenient and easy to find and the staff was friendly and helpful the entire stay. They have a laundry room located on the ground floor as well as the option to leave your bags for the day. My boyfriend and I did this so we could see a little more of Belfast before moving on; we didn't want to be stuck with our bags all day while site seeing. The reason I rated this hostel with 3 stars was because the bathroom showers were completely molded and are in need of an update. Other than this, the Linen House Hostel was a good place to stay.  , USA ()
1  ok, it's cheap, but it's dirty and the staff unfriendly. pay some more and get a nice bnb. never again!  , Berlin,Germany ()
1   Hostel From Hell Firstly when we arrived there was supposed to be two rooms that fit ten -- in each room booked there was only room for eighteen of us. Mc Leonard (one of the staff) who seemed incompetent and unfazed by the mix-up, seemed unwilling to help, then advised us that although we had paid for en-suites in each of the two rooms but none were now available as they had been allocated to other customers! no discount or refund was offered. The staff were unfriendly to say the least and although the rooms were basic one of the beds was broken and there were stains on duvets. After we returned to the Hostel after being out in Belfast we were told we were being noisy and that we should be quiet or the police would be phoned. After we were hurled sectarian abuse by a woman in the hostel (unsure if she was a member of staff) we were then greeted by the PSNI who then man-handled ten of us out into the streets were we remained until the morning, we were told that no refund from the deposit would be paid back after ten of us not even using one of the rooms and being forced to sleep in a phone box outside the hostel! I would not recommend this hostel unless you like to be tortured and verbally abused by the residents. We were later informed by the hostel that they wanted more money from each of us as they had to refund people for the noise after already receiving £180 pound in a deposit from us. Avoid at all costs.  , N.Ireland ()
1  Nightmare. In spite of reserving room two weeks in advance, we arrived to be told they were overbooked and we'd have to go to another location. We were then given wrong directions across town which we only discovered after a long walk and two fraught phone calls to the Linen House . When we eventually found the alternative accommodation (by paying for a taxi back across town) the room was small and squalid and had a small double bed instead of the twin we reserved. When we rang the hostel again to be told we had been given the wrong room number and key. After another significant wait someone arrived and showed us in to a slightly larger squalid room. I complained about the way we were treated but received nothing but a hollow apology. I also sent my complaint to the 'owner' in writing because they would not even furnish me with the name of someone I could address my complaint to. I have not been afforded the courtesy of a reply.  ()
1  One word: cheap. Another good thing is that you can wake up, get out of there and visit Belfast City. The kitchen was operational, though I think there were like 28 beds or something in our dorm!!! Pretty rough but I survived. The Internet seemed to work ok.  ()
2  DEFINITIVE REVIEW- I am a native of Northern Ireland, and in fact I used to live in the street next to this hostel. Over the past three years I have stayed there many times. Firstly the area. The city center is not a very safe place to be after dark, with gangs of youths (very dangerous!!!) roaming around after dark, as after 5 p.m. the entire city center closes down except for the few pubs and clubs in the area. I wouldn't advise anyone to hang around outside in the evening or at night. Police presence is zero. I know from experience. When I lived in the area last year for six months, I was attacked coming home from the pub one night and both my flat mates at the time were severely beaten. One had the teeth kicked out of his head — literally. But as for the hostel, it may be basic and the staff have never been in the least bit friendly. Toilets and shower rooms are in short supply, so be prepared to wait — if you've a weak bladder you are in trouble. Showers are a bit makeshift-looking but clean enough. The rooms are fine — as good as any hostel — they are clean and I have never gotten a rash or hives from the beds, as other reviewers have reported. It is very convenient to the gay bars and clubs, which is the only reason I stay there. I would really suggest in terms of safety and things to do that backpackers stay in one of the hostels nearer Queens University, as that area is quite lively after dark. It has lots of cafes, bars, clubs etc. and is certainly 100 percent safer than the city center post 5 p.m. I hope this helps.  ()

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