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(Location is approximate. You may need to pan/move to find "Saucy Mary's Lodge" at Meuse Lane.)


Meuse Lane, Kyleakin, Isle of Skye, Inner Hebrides, Scotland
57.272199, -5.730550 (accuracy not guaranteed)
01599 534845
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Great location, lovely rooms
The location is brilliant -- facing the water and with great views. The rooms were great, with comfortable mattresses and pillows and great big soft fluffy duvets. The food in the pub downstairs was great (not very cheap though). The showers and the toilets were great but we did not find any kitchen we can use (we did not need it much so we did not bother asking). Parking is available just in front of the hostel. There were a couple of things that could have made it a five star but there wasn't much the hostel can do about them. Firstly, the internet was down that day and secondly, there was a group of drunks outside at 1.30 am singing very loudly (luckily they moved away after 15-20 min). We are planning to go sometime for a longer stay and we will stay there again.
Age 38, Bulgarian
Clean, nice hostel
The hostel was clean and nice. The price was nice and the personnel too. I can recommend it.
Age 35, Belgium
Saucy Mary's Lodge is a unique establishment. The name Saucy Mary's applies to a pub, restaurant, cafe, general store, hostel, and B&B all in the tiny town of Kyleakin on Skye. Saucy Mary's credits its unusual name to a bit of local lore about a medieval princess who encouraged ships to pay a toll by being, well, saucy. If you want a hostel with lots of local character that's got a different vibe than your typical hostel, Saucy Mary's could be the place for you. The Location Saucy Mary's couldn't be easier to find -- from the central square of Kyleakin, stand facing opposite the ocean and you're looking right at it. It's less than fifty yards from the bus stop in the central square, and just about anything else in town. There's ample space to park, and you're within easy walking or driving distance of the larger town of Kyle across the straights. As for Saucy Mary's location to the rest of town, every store and restaurant in Kyleakin is within sight of the upper stories and just a few minutes walk. To check in to the hostel, one must go into the general store/cafe just to the left of the main Saucy Mary's building. Rooms and Bathrooms Dorms are of average size -- there is room to move, but not a ton of space between bunks. Bunk beds seem solidly constructed, and the mattresses are pretty good by hostel standards. The dorm we stayed in featured a large window with an ocean view, several easily accessible power outlets, and two plug-in electric heaters. Security of the dorms is also good with each dorm having its own key. Additionally, a key code must be entered on the door leading to the bar to obtain access to the hostel area. Toilets and showers are provided in separate rooms, two of each per floor. Both are clean, and the showers are modern heat-on-demand units with good pressure and water as hot as you like it. Common Spaces Though the hostel is a bit short on the kind of common rooms you'd expect at most hostels, the pub and cafe downstairs means you have ready access to reasonably priced, if not overly cheap, food and beverages. The bar actually gets to be quite a happening place in the evening with music, pool tables, and a decent crowd that seems to be mostly locals. The noise can be heard upstairs in the dorms and may affect those that go to bed early, but everyone is out the door by 1 a.m. so most of the night is quiet. Wi-Fi is provided free of charge, but probably due to the stone construction of the building can only be accessed in a portion of the bar and a glassed-in sun porch downstairs. Kitchens are also provided on each floor. The kitchens are clean and generously sized, with plenty of room to cook a meal and then enjoy it while taking in the ocean view. Summary Saucy Mary's offers quality accommodations at a reasonable price. You definitely sacrifice a bit of the backpacker-centric vibe and camaraderie that can be found at some hostels, but in return you get a unique venue with easy access to food, drink, and entertainment -- and more of a chance to meet the locals.
Ian Bone
Warm atmosphere, clean beds, sinks in room, hot showers
we were surprised at how much we liked it here, as the reviews on some websites say its not good. we stayed in the part above the pub and it was great the room only had three beds, great view of the water, had our own sink and vanity mirror right in the room, with full toilet and shower across the hall. the showers were awesome!

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