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Shared bathroom
Shared bathroom
Family room



(Location is approximate. You may need to pan/move to find "Danhostel Copenhagen Bellahøj" at Herbergvejen 8.)


Herbergvejen 8, Brønshøj, Copenhagen (København), Denmark
55.699211, 12.505574
+45 3828 9715
+45 3889 0210
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it's a good hostel to stay some days! it is not so far from the city (10 minutes by bus). It is clean and safe. Very simple but efficient (also for the price you pay).
Age 31, Italy
Room and corridor smelly, breakfast time limited
The accommodation (beds) was ok, but the room and the leading corridor to it were smelly. It comes from the fact that the corridor has no ventilation/windows to the outside, so it never gets aired. And since the floor is a carpet floor, it traps all the bad odours. The same happens in the bedroom. The floor should be replaced in both spaces (corridor and bedrooms), no carpet bedroom. It's not acceptable to have to sleep in a smelly room. Breakfast is only possible from 8 to 9 o'clock, which is too limited.
Age 34, Basque Country
A thorn in my side -- for two weeks!
I came to Copenhagen for the United Nations COP15 talks on climate change. I was part of a youth/student delegation; we rented this hostel for our group and regretted it every step of the way. Where do I begin? Bellahoej hostel is out in the middle of nowhere; it takes well over an hour to get there from the airport. That's not really their fault, but the matter of the internet is. I am under the impression that our head delegate was told the hostel had free Wi-Fi (delegations staying at other Dan Hostels reported that they DID in fact receive free Wi-Fi); we, on the other hand, did not. That's not quite fair of me -- we did receive Wi-Fi, sporadically. The signal was inclined not to let us on at certain times, and would randomly disappear and stay off for days on end (regrettably, the other option was to pay for it from the hostel itself). This might not be an issue to a lot of travelers, but we happen to all be online activists; our coordination with the UN was entirely online. The staff was well aware of our needs. Finding internet access was a daily headache; this was really infuriating. Initially, we were denied breakfast, which is explicitly included in the price. We received breakfast in the end, but were never allowed to use the guest kitchen to cook. Given the price of food in Copenhagen, this was another serious blow to our survival. The staff was habitually rude and often treated us like elementary school kids. I can understand the need for order, but some of the things they chided us for were way over the line ("You're not allowed to leave the room with that slice of bread!"). Other times, the staff simply refused to work with us. For instance, I realized at the end of my time in Copenhagen that I needed to stay another day. Rather than simply let me pay and work it out with me personally, the staff insisted that I speak to my head of delegation -- who had already left the city. When I explained that she was no longer present, they insisted again that I speak to her and would not hear another word. Most egregiously of all, some of us were scheduled to leave Copenhagen as late as the 23rd of December -- but they forced us all out on the morning of the 21st, with nowhere to go. Luckily, I was leaving that evening, so there was no issue; this doesn't change the fact that a sizeable group of people were rendered homeless for two days. This is bad business, and especially reprehensible in light of the work we do -- we were essentially trying to save the world; we had worked long and hard hours over the last six months trying to procure the money to stay in their hostel (over $40 per night?! ridiculous). The least they could have done was act like their customers are worth their time. In light of these grievances, I cannot, in good conscience, recommend Bellahoej Hostel to another living soul.
  I stayed in this hostel for two nights, thanks to an emergency. And I can tell you this hostel is not for backpackers or people on a low budget. The staff are unfriendly. The breakfast is way overpriced. I've seen cheaper and better breakfasts at 4-5 star hotels in Paris, London and New York City. The wooden bunk beds are creaky. If one guy turns around or moves he will wake up the entire hostel. Thanks to thin, thin walls the hostel is no way close to being soundproof. I had the pleasure of listening to people snoring five rooms away. The Internet is way overpriced, too, at 1 Danish krone per minute. If you like to be hostile in a hostel outside the city, I would recommend this hostel. If you don't, leave it behind.
  This place is really far from the town center. It has an expensive breakfast, and rude and unhelpful staff. The Internet access from its outdated computers is 1 DKK [Danish krone] per minute. They put fourteen people in a room, and the bathrooms are really smelly. There are not a lot of options in Copenhagen, but there must be something better than this place.
  This was a nice hostel, with great staff, and a really nice park next door to relax in after a day on your feet!
  Nothing special to be honest. I messed the booking up so we had to stay in a dorm in the games room. Bathrooms are used by about 100 people. And it is a long way out from the center - about 15/20 mins by an expensive bus. Reasonable price for a bed for the night but that's about it really! You probably can find something better.
  The hostel is clean and well-run, but location sucks! Too far from city center. Although the bus stop is 5 minutes away from hostel by foot, it takes at least 15 minutes to ride into the city center. And the breakfast is overpriced.
Mr. Objective

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