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Che Lagarto Hostel Lima

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Hostelz.com's Review
One of the most well-known chain hotels throughout Latin America, Che Lagarto Hostel Lima benefits from the pros and cons that any chain brings. Well organised, clean, and with modern facilities, this is a good option for an enjoyable stay in Lima.

The Location

Located just off Parque Kennedy, Che Lagarto Lima is perfectly situated in the safest district of Lima. The area is surrounded by restaurants and public spaces; the cliffs overlooking the ocean are a ten-minute walk away, and the famous Calle de las Pizzas -- the epicentre for nightlife in Peru's capital -- is less than five minutes' walk from the hostel.

Rooms and Bathrooms

The dorm rooms are small, with the bunk beds very close together and not much room to move around if fully occupied. On the plus side, however, the rooms are very clean, with new wooden bunk beds that have comfortable mattresses and good-sized pillows. Lockers are built into the bunk beds and can be secured with a padlock. This has the additional benefit of optimising the limited space that is not filled up with backpacks. The bathrooms are regularly cleaned and have hot water twenty-four hours a day.

Common Spaces

Alongside reception is a pool table, although this was not able to be used during our stay and instead was used to house leaflets with ideas on things to do. Upstairs, there is a table tennis table that is free to use. Behind here are located a number of wooden tables and chairs, around which the free breakfast (comprising of fresh bread, fruit, and coffee) is served daily. The kitchen is available for the use of guests, should you decide to cook.

Outside of the dorms are a few comfortable couches around which travelers can gather, chat, and relax. Having said that, the area is kind of in a corridor area, and straight in front of the dorm rooms, which could potentially disrupt the sleep of someone wanting to have an early night. Additional smaller lockers can be found alongside here to complement those found in the rooms.


Che Lagarto Hostel Lima is well organised, clean, and has decent common spaces. In spite of these plus points, the chain can sometimes feel a little sterile, like your fun is a little too well organized. Taking part in the organised activities is fun, but seems to lack the impulsiveness that defines travel. If you are looking for a safe environment in a good area, where you can put your plans in the hands of others, then this is your place.

by Elgrumpygringo
Hostelz.com Staff Reviewer
January 2014

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1   Booking mess these people dont know what they are doing. we have made an online reservation directly on their webpage. we received a detailed confirmation email with prices and conditions and everything. the reservation is valid only until 2pm next day, unless otherwise communicated. as we were to arrive late, we did so - confirmed our late arrival. upon arrival all we got were blank looks, no reservation, no confirmation email was found "in their system". apparently we were not the only ones. they were nice enough to call and book another hostel for us -- too bad it wasn't a good choice.  ()
5   Great experience! Fantastic location, the best pisco i've had in Peru, the staff rocks!  , UK ()

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