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Mildura Oasis Backpacker Hostel

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Hostelz.com's Review
Mildura Oasis Backpacker Hostel is a working hostel nearby the city centre of Mildura. They will arranged you job as long as you stay here for long term but unfortunately the pay rate that they offer now has been changed to by contract instead of by hour. It only takes five minutes to walk to most shops, restaurants, and cafes. There you can find all the big supermarkets including IGA, Coles, and Woolworths.

The Location

Its location is good, as it is not far to go to most of the fast food shops or big supermarkets. Its around fifteen minutes walk for you to visit the Murray River.

Rooms and Bathrooms

There are few double rooms and the rest are four- to six-bed dorms. Most of the dorms are with a single bathroom inside. It's only your luck if you have been sent to another side of this hostel where the four dorms are located where you have to share two washrooms and one bathroom for around eighteen people. Cupboards in most of the dorms are broken and the air-conditioner will turn off by itself every single two hours automatically. It's really bad that you have to wake up and turn it on again in the night in this kind of hot weather.

Common Spaces

There's a small swimming pool but actually not many people will swim here. Besides is the kitchen but it's too small when the hostel is full with the hundred-forty backpackers this place can hold. There are not enough utensils in the kitchen (and the ones they have are broken). The gas knobs are broken as well. They don't have wireless here but only two computers in the kitchen. Next door is a TV room with a pool table inside.


It's overall not really a bad place to stay if you just want to visit and look around in Mildura. But don't expect too much if you wish to earn and save some money here for your next trip. And the staff can be rude, especially after they get drunk.

Exclusive Hostelz.com Review
January 2009

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Hostelz.com Guest Reviews
1   Scam Hostel and has been for years. AVOID. I has the unfortunate experience of spending a week in this hostel back in November 2007 and just reading the current reviews it seems people don't research the places they go to even to this day. I was skeptical before going there for work as i just wanted to get out of the city earn some money and move on to somewhere else, but after day one and speaking to others i knew pretty quick that this place was a scam and a dangerous town to be around if you were an outsider. Vince is a conman who lives off his reputation as a hardman and you certain rumours about him but unknown if they are true or just scare tactics so you wont challenge them when you ask for your refund back. Refunds are nonrefundable just so you know before you go there. There is no jobs for all the people who go there as there is a scam with the farmers if you do manage to get a few days work you wont get paid and so its a win win for the hostel and the farmers who actually use this place. When i was there, there was a few backpackers beaten up on Friday nights out by locals and this it seems was pretty common. Avoid this place like the plague there is no jobs to be found at the Garlic factory or this place a select few of insiders actually get the decent paying jobs and the rest are just the ants that come here to get used and abused by the owner and the locals. I spent my remaining months in Australia telling all that would listen to never go near the place but it seems people still get caught out. So stay away and dont listen to the others who say this place is great its not and the accommodation isn't the best either. AVOID AVOID AVOID.  , European ()
3   Great people, Average jobs! If your in a fortunate enough position where you just need your days signed off but don't need that much money then come to Oasis and you will have a great time and probably meet some of the best people you will ever care to meet. If on the other hand you think you can come here and save money then don't bother coming here, the only way you will save money here is if your lucky enough to be put in the garlic or bean factory straight away and they only put women in the bean factory for some reason. Most people struggle to pay the $160 weekly rent because they haven't been found enough work but luckily the caretaker Bob is a great man and will help you out. So if you want to come here and drink your body weight in goon and aren't to bothered about days signed off or saving money then this is the working hostel for you!!I had good a bad days here and didn't save that much or get all my days signed off but I wouldn't change a thing about it, its probably one of the best experiences you can have in Australia as a backpacker.  , age 24, England ()
1   WARNING DO NOT STAY HERE! MY WORST EXPERIENCE IN AUSTRALIA I stayed here for about 5 days and it was absolute hell. You are promised the sun moon and stars workwise just to get you into the hostel. The reality is they just want to get money from you, they don't care if you need to do your regional work or whether or not you are spending your last few dollars on accommodation here. It's an absolute joke. After many complaints we managed to get one day pea picking, 1 day!!! And to top it off we didn't even get paid OR more importantly signed off for that day. Also you have to pay a weeks rent in advance. I demanded a refund for not having any work and the owner started punching the walls in anger. ABSOLUTE PSYCHO of a man!!! I am a female btw!! I eventually got my refund (after them telling me firstly that they don't do refunds) and got the hell out of there. The only good thing about the place is the caretaker, absolutely lovely man who is much too good for the place.  , age 25, Ireland ()
5   Perfect place to work and have fun this place is a great place to get a job and have a lot of fun. I stayed there from October to Feb and I had the best time. When I arrived there, they promised me if I wait for a bit I can start in the garlic factory. It started 3 weeks after I arrived. Whilst I was waiting I had little jobs and I earned enough to pay my bills, anyway 3 weeks waiting for awesome job (wouldn't say the job -- packing garlic -- is awesome, but the pay) is a short time. Do never expect to get the perfect job in Australia as soon as you arrive. Well the manager are really keen to find you a job and if u are fair to them they help u out in every situation. The hostel is a nice, big, clean place to stay and close to the shops and night life. The rent has to be paid on Thursday and is $150 a week. Most rooms are 4 or 6 share with own ensuite which is awesome. They clean the rooms once week and they also wash your bed clothes. To sum up, just go there and have a great time.  ()
4   Nice place, great people, good jobs This place is awesome. I enjoyed every single time. I have been at the oasis 3 times because the people were always awesome. After a while it feels like u are home -- and I would call mildura my HOME SWEET HOME far away from home. I heard a lot of bullsh*t about this Oasis but I can not agree with it. I have been working in two different factory's, Mfc and Garlic and I earned a lot of money. As soon as I arrived the owner promised me I can get a really good job but I have to wait for a bit. It wasn't the best year for Oranges but after 4 weeks "waiting" (while I was waiting I had couple of other jobs to pay rent, food and safe a little-I picked grapes and helped out on a farm) i started working in a Orange factory. it was worth to trust the owner and to wait because As soon as I I got the job I decided I will stay for another 3 month. I earned really good money. I had a great time and I already had decided to go back to the Oasis after traveling. Even the second time I only waited 3 weeks for a good job. I got few little jobs to pay my rent and not to get bored -- but it was worth to wait again. I started working at the garlic factory! A lot of 'old' people from my first time were still at the hostel or came back as well so when I arrived I felt home because there were not only strangers. We worked really hard but we also had a lot of fun. The people were amazing and it was summer time in mildura. We had bbq's or dinner with all the people outside and made party at the weekend. We went swimming to the public pool or just to relax down the river. That was the best time for me in Australia. I wished sometimes the time as backpacker never ends and I could go back to the Oasis and have another great time.  ()
1   Hell in earth, vince and frankie are con artist This hostel is hell on earth. please don't go here, it's disgusting. they promise, take ur money, and give you absolutely no work. It's a money makin scam and there known for it all over mildura and allow drugs to be sold in there!!! They treat the staff terrible. They have keys to your room and barge in when ever they want. I actually can't put into words how bad this place is. Don't go here.  , Ireland ()
1   EXTORTING BACKPACKERS! I have never written a review for any hotel/hostel I have stayed in previously however good or bad but I feel that the severity of the way this hostel treats its occupants, warrants a warning to anyone thinking of staying here. DON'T! The saga begins before you even arrive. We phoned the hostel to inquire about the likely hood of a room but more importantly work. We spoke to a lovely lady called Eve who informed us there would be 3 spaces available and that work would take around 2/3 days to find and would entail either picking grapes or watermelons consistently for 3/4 months. This turned out to be a complete lie and we waited for 2 weeks before any form of work was available, never even seeing anyone called Eve or hearing of a water melon crop in the area. No staff of any importance were available throughout the day to request further information about work. You had to wait until 4 o'clock to crowd around them and beg for work along with another 50 backpackers in the same situation. The 2 gentlemen available to speak to were Vince and Frankie, unfortunately 2 of the rudest most unhelpful almost cretinous humans I have ever met. It seems every week they would promise that the grape season would start the week after effectively encouraging people to stay for an extra week EXTORTING another $150 from them. I appreciate that they are not in control of the seasons but apparently this happened 5 weeks previous to our stay and continued once we left. When work was available it was on a pepper farm and lasted 4 hours for one day only; know one minds working hard to earn money but at $20 a box, with a box taking around 1 hour for 3 people to fill there was zero scope to earn any money let alone enough to live. The gentleman who owned the farm was called Nittan (using the term "gentleman" extremely loosely). He never paid anyone for the work they completed on time if at all; as he kept no records of who worked and when; using the excuse of you were never here to not pay you! One of the guys managed to do a weeks work for him and is still owed around $500 to this day. There is work available in the area of Mildura at other more legitimate hostels some even having more work than they have residents in their hostels, even when at capacity! The only reason I can assume this hostel is incapable of getting work for residentS is that with they're holier-than-thou attitudes they loose contracts with farmers very easily. In response to the garlic work comment below, i asked about this work and the contract has now been lost. Surprise surprise! We left after foolishly staying longer than a week, the hostel had they're $300 rent and were more than happy for us to leave; along with the 25 others that saw the light that day. They are fully aware that however many people leave they will be able to replace immediately with a new batch of positive hard working back packers looking for money and/or their 2nd year visa. I could continue to discuss stories of our stay here but i would smash up my laptop in anger at the memories. Do not stay here, you will not work, you will not have a good time and you most definitely will be wasting your money!!  , UK ()
5   Great hostel, great parties, great jobs!!! I visited oasis twice once when I was just working to get my visa extended and then again after I smashed the coast, I was broke and called vince from Brisbane -- he told me to come back, he would help me out and he did, even though it was off season and not much work was around he got me working!! When not working I had some great parties there from just a few beers at the bar to beach parties -- Friday nights at the setts, doms and o'malleys, so Many great nights. The friends I made at oasis I still keep in touch with now and one of then Irish paul was actually the best man at my wedding!!!! To sum-up, I had a great time at oasis and I would have no problem recommending the hostel to all backpackers visiting mildura!!!!  , Scotland ()

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