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Hostel Sampaoli

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Hostelz.com's Review
The best part of Hostel Sampaoli is the staff. Friendly and helpful, they will do anything to make your trip successful and rich. They offer maps, directions, an intimate knowledge of Florence, recommendations, and friendly personalities. Out of all the perks of this hostel, the staff was the one that impressed us the most.

The Location

Located 15 minutes from the train station and only 20 minutes from the cathedral, Hotel Sampaoli is tucked away in a less-expensive and quieter part of Florence. The hostel is not well-marked, so travelers will want to pay close attention to the numbers on buildings in order to find the small Sampaoli door between two restaurants. Opening the door will reveal a staircase to the spacious second-floor hostel.

The surrounding streets are filled with inexpensive restaurants, internet cafes, grocery stores, and call centers, offering the savvy hostel traveler the opportunity to conserve money and still see Florence at its best.

Rooms and Bathrooms

The small dorm rooms of Sampaoli are clean and well-kept. The bedding was fresh and towels are laid carefully on each bed, clean and ready for the next hosteler. Each room has its own air conditioner and a window that can be opened on nice breezy nights.

The safety of the hostel includes a buzzer on the main door and individual keys for each room occupant. The doors and windows all lock.

There is only one bathroom per hallway, but this never became an issue during our stay. The line is short or nonexistent, the water always hot, and the bathroom always clean.

Common Spaces

The hostel offers a book exchange shelf in the main office and two computers with free internet access in each hallway. There is no kitchen or common area available to guests and the only people we met were those sharing our room. This makes Sampaoli a quiet hostel, nice for those days when a traveller needs rest, but not ideal for meeting other travelers.


We recommend this hostel for its clean atmosphere, extremely helpful staff, and a location which offers access to both the central Florence attractions and the inexpensive food and call center options. What the hostel lacks in sociality it makes up for in safety and a perfect staff.

by Gigi Griffis

Exclusive Hostelz.com Review
September 2007

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Hostelz.com Guest Reviews
5  I loved this place! I stayed here a week, and would happily come back the next time I'm in Florence. I shared a very large and very clean room with great people. There were beautiful antiques in every room so it feels like a home and not a hostel. The staff was friendly, the Internet was free, the hostel was close to the train station and many of the sights were within ten minutes walking distance. It was a great place. You should definitely stay here!  ()
5  I absolutely loved this place! My room was clean and comfortable, and the hotel has a good location and a wonderfully friendly staff. The sheets and towels were clean and fresh, and the room was huge. We only stayed one night, but if I ever get the opportunity to return to Florence, I'm definitely staying here.  ()

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