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(Location is approximate. You may need to pan/move to find "Old Jaffa Hostel" at 13 Amiad Street.)


13 Amiad Street, Tel Aviv (Tel Aviv-Yafo), Tel Aviv District, Israel
32.053326, 34.756135
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  The hostel is very very nice.
Age 62, German
Rudest staff I have ever come across
The woman, who is the owners daughter, is the rudest woman I ever came across and she made me so angry that I actually shortened my stay there. She has no people skills what so ever and half of the guest seemed terrified to ask her anything. I was so shocked by her behaviour that I found myself having an argument with her about why she felt she could be so rude to me, which was a nice way to start the day at 8am. Anyway, don't stay there basically, she will ruin your visit and also after a night of scratching because of bedbugs, i don't think it is a particularly clean place either.
Great old Building
the place cant help but impress as a classic and probably historic old building where many important people in the past history of the area have visited. The kitchen and community area with the sitting benches is nice, and of course everyone is impressed by the traditional middle-eastern rooftop area of which the hostel has a particularly good one.The rates are reasonable, I could only get a dorm -- I wanted a private room as I am used to in other countries but none were available, so by Israeli standards the digs are both orderly and reasonably priced (Yes, on my visit to Israel staying at two places I found both standards lower and prices way higher than in some other countries). The criticisms of the place go down to the fact that it is perhaps unusual in being the residence of the extended family of the owners, and to me in this case this created a constant feeling that I was literally invading their space. There are two refrigerators in the kitchen area, one for them, one for guests, you get reamed if you dont realise this and put your stuff in theirs. The washing/bathing areas are traditional/quaint, and are the weakness of the building, probably not being really adequate to the job of a modern guesthouse, but as we know, the place is old, some would call that part of the vibe-but, I would inevitably spill water on the floor while washing or shaving in the mornings, the old unspeaking bugger who shuffles around with the mop in the mornings would give me the eye about it, to the point where I offered in exasperation to clean it up if he would lend me his damn mop that he's not all that good with. Anyway, the extended family live there, look like uncles, aunts, gramps, and you feel perhaps you are invading their space. Perhaps that is unavoidable to some degree. There is one thing to positively beware! The owner's weirdo daughter, who is so rude and aggressive to you out of the blue, that you will think at first she is joking. I witnessed her speaking to a young guy in this rude and humiliating way when I first checked in, ridiculing his English among other things (he spoke well anyway) it was so eye-popping a display that I thought it was some kind of gag, when I got a dose of it myself a few hours later, I realised it was no drill, she's for real. Apparently she is only there part-time sometimes, be prepared for her, if like me you have your own temper and ideas about how you are willing to be reasonably spoken to, then be prepared with a backup accommodation plan in case you feel moved to slap her one.
Our home in Israel
This is the most friendly and homely place we have ever been in Israel. You can always depend on this staff and the service is excellent -- we will be very grateful forever and thankful for all their help. This is the most atmospherical place we have ever seen in a very bohemian and peculiar area and you can find everything you need. An unforgotten experience being there. Fabulous!
Dora&Saul from Budapest
Fantastic value for price!
We got married in Jerusalem, and this hostel organised a Jewish wedding for us. We had the time of our life. Super staff! Simple rooms, but hostel provides everything you need.
Jacobien Zichem
(The Netherlands)
  bugs all over. thieves that rob everything that you don't take with you! No go!
sh / germany
  The people were very nice, but the place is not clean. We had a lot of big bugs in our room. The room was also very small. We think that you can get better in Tel-Aviv for the same price.
  Very nice, lots of personality. Best location in Tel Aviv. Nice owners, could be a little cleaner but the roof makes up for it.

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