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Murray Street Backpackers Hostel

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Three floor Hostel with lift. Third floor exclusive to females. Second floor exclusive to males. We do not have mixed dorms. Situated in the heart of Perth's Shopping Malls, 60 meters from Perth City Station, 100 meters from Perth City Post Office, and 50 meters from the only Supermarket in Perth City. Free city buses,and Night Club Passes. Two T.V. Rooms and fully equiped commercial kitchen.FREE B.B.Q. on a Sunday for Lunch,FREE Golden Curry Monday Night if staying 1 week. Fresh clean Linen, Winter Months Blankets provided.Very Clean with friendly and helpful staff
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Hostelz.com Guest Reviews
1   HELL ON EARTH This hostel should be closed down by the government! its a nightmare!!! i could not sleep for the night i booked in, bedbugs, noise!!! I changed my hostel the very next morning!! This hostel would be good enough to shoot a horror movie!! Hell on earth!  , united kingdom ()
1  oh my God! this is the most traumatizing experience of my life! Never go there! this place is overinfected with bedbugs! during the night i've been attacked by an army of bedbugs, going down all along the walls and sucking up my blood. they infected and contaminated all my stuff and the bed was a real huge nest full of small white ones. a real nightmare! this is not the first time the hostel is having this problem. this place have never been cleaned apparently because nests take three months to come on term! moreover is a really dirty, sleazy place and you never get refunded! run away!  ()
1  I'm sorry people, but please don't stay here. It's desperate. Yes, it's dead center, but it's one of the most sleazy places I've stayed. You can't even use the electric sockets!!! That's crap. I'm not going to hamper on, but the no mixed dorms is a bit draconian. Times change, maybe the ideas of the managers should go with the times. Sorry, but this is a bad review.  ()

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