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Hostel Pudu

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Hostelz.com's Review
In the chocolate box town that is Bariloche, Pudu is the strawberry cream of hostels. Friendly, cosy, and wonderfully laid back, it's the closest a hostel can get to a home away from home. And with a world-class view of the emerald-blue lake and snow capped mountains from every room, it's impossible not to fall in love with this hostel.

The Location

Situated less than five minutes' walk from the main shopping streets, it's easy to reach, although a sharp, steep hill means you'll be out of breath when you get there! It's around three kilometers from the bus station and a taxi ride that you'd have to pay for, but there are bus stops with services running to all the main ski resorts just around the corner.

Rooms and Bathrooms

All of the dorm rooms have huge windows overlooking the lake and sleep between four and six people. They're basic but very spacious and warm and many have large lockers inside the rooms. Some of the rooms, including the double and twin, have ensuite bathrooms and the showers are really hot and powerful. There's even heated towel rails to warm you up after a long day's skiing in the winter.

Common Spaces

For such a small hostel, the common areas in this place are excellent and you're guaranteed to make friends, even if it's just with the lovely staff. There's a tiny little bar with locally-brewed beers on tap, alongside a huge kitchen with perfect lake view. You'll find all the utensils you need to cook here, as well as loads of leftover herbs, spices, and sauces. Upstairs, there's a huge TV room. The seats aren't the most comfortable but the selection of DVDs, magazines, and the inevitable beautiful view makes up for it.


Pudu is a great place to chill out for a few days and enjoy the huge number of attractions that Bariloche and the surrounding areas have to offer. Irish owners Emma and John are brilliant guides and will talk you through all the highlights when you arrive to help you get the best out of your stay. There's a happy hour in the bar every night with cheap local beers, as well as regular BBQs and Sunday roasts, which will really make you feel at home.

Exclusive Hostelz.com Review
November 2008

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2   Hostel is ok but service is sh*tty The kitchen is well accessorized and the rooms are good but the staff is really not friendly ... They are really rude and always looking on you from the side to see if your doing something they dont love.  , Israel ()

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