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Lette'm Sleep is located inside the Nuremburg city walls, a short distance from the Opernhaus u-bahn station – which is connected directly to the Nuremburg airport by train. On the other hand, if you are arriving into the hauptbahnhof (main railway station), Lette'm Sleep is only one metro stop away but it is easier (and also a little quicker) to walk along the city wall to get there.

The hostel is close to all the attractions in the city centre but it is worryingly close to the red light district so the owners have made sure that the place is secure - you get a PIN code to get in through the main door in the evenings. There are plenty of cheap bars nearby, but there are friendlier pubs a short walk away towards the city centre.

The staff are friendly and have a good understanding of Nuremburg and can tell you the best way to get around town. There is free internet - but it is often in use by other hostellers, unless you get up early in the mornings, or go to bed very, very late in the evenings.

The hostel is a little quirky with unusual names for each of the large dorms and rather garish colours for the walls in each of the rooms. The 12 bed dorm is ok but pay a little more and you can stay in a spacious 4 bed form overlooking the city walls. The atmosphere is friendly although sometimes the facilities could be maintained better and kept cleaner. The bathrooms are nothing special but the showers are reliable.
by David Halliday
Hostelz.com Staff Reviewer


(Location is approximate. You may need to pan/move to find "Lette'm Sleep - Nuremberg" at Frauentormauer 42.)


Frauentormauer 42, Nuremberg (Nürnberg), Bavaria, Germany
49.447428, 11.074243 (accuracy not guaranteed)
+49 (911) 9928128
+49 (911) 9928130
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The filthiest place I've ever witnessed
For sure the worst hostel I ever stayed in, luckily it was just for one night. I'm really not the fussiest person in the world, but the room me and my friends had to stay in was absolutely disgusting. When we arrived, the man who welcomed was (he was very friendly by the way) directed us to our room and I cannot describe the stench we experienced when we went in. We shared the room with 12 people in total and the guy didn't knew for sure which beds were taken and which beds were free. I will never forget how he was mumbling "Hmm ... I think this bed is available, it doesn't look like it has been used". We were extremely tired, since we had spent the entire day in the car and we were just to exhausted to make a big deal out of it, but this place was just a complete joke. I'm so glad we brought our own sleeping bags and pillows! Luckily we managed to get some sleep and no-one woke me up in the middle in the night to tell me that I was in his/her bed. Like I said, the guy who was working there was actually very nice. Our navigation system broke down right before we entered Nürnberg and when we gave the hostel a call, he explained us very patiently and clearly how we had to get to the hostel. And the guy actually spoke decent English, which is quite rare in Germany. But all in all, this is not enough to compensate for the filthy room. In addition, it's also quite expensive.
(the Netherlands)
With some improvements, this could be a four- or five-star rating
This hostel is easy to find, and although it is next to a red light district, it feels safe. The staff are friendly, and the common room and kitchen are cosy. The internet is free, but there is only one computer. The lighting in the rooms is very dim, I couldn't comfortably read in such light. The rooms could really use some refurbishing. Mattresses are lumpy, carpets are stained and pretty much worn out. I found the showers barely warm enough in the evening, and those who took showers in the mornings found them bitterly cold. I think this hostel has a lot of potential and with some improvements could be so much better.
  Positives for this hostel include helpful staff; excellent map given to you on arrival; double room wasn't two single beds pushed together; nice, cosy common room with very cheap wine and beer; and good security with a coded entrance. Not so good, our room was very dark; there is no laundry; the bathrooms aren't labelled male and female, which can be confusing; and there is no soap, towels, or dryers in the bathrooms.
  Great location and nice staff are the best attributes of this hostel, but it is indeed very damp and dingy (I found myself waking up with sore throats in the morning). I'm grateful however that they had a room for me at the last minute, and during 'Rock im Park' no less. The internet access is available and free, however very slow, and in an extremely smoky and poorly ventilated room that had me searching for access elsewhere. You definitely, definitely want to have a sleep sheet at the very least, or better yet a sleeping bag, when you stay here. it was really especially dirty here. They did however have good lockers and bathroom, with nice showers (that were reasonably clean). All in all, a reasonable option, if you're not too particular about the cleanliness.
Scott from Canada
  This place was actually quite fun to stay at. The staff was friendly, and everything was clean. It definitely is not fancy though. The neighborhood is a bit sketchy, but once you are inside the hostel it is great. Free coffee and tea and internet. I went alone, but met some people right away in the lounge. Everyone was in a good mood. I actually booked a room in the twelve-bed dorm, but on arrival it was full, so they put me in a four-bed room at the same price. I didn't have to argue for it or anything. I would definitely rather stay in this small hostel than at the other large hostel across town, although the other one is pretty cool looking. oh, and they sell beer in the hostel for cheap, and they don't care at all if you take your own into the lounge. You need two days in Nuremberg.
  Very comfortable and we found it very clean. The staff there were great, friendly and helpful, even helped make you a coffee. The rooms are quirky, very well done. Social area and kitchen area is good. Free parking and walking distance to the old city. Spend at least a full day in Nuremberg, it is worth it.
  Great common room and well-equipped kitchen! Large bedrooms but a bit damp and dingy... handy enough location! Helpful staff and detailed map on arrival, and free Internet access, which is handy!
Angela and Melanie
  Great place to stay and great location for seeing Nuremberg. Our room was large, the staff were friendly, the bathrooms were clean, and the kitchen was great for saving a few bucks on meals (even though the nearest grocery store is several blocks away).

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