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Fresh Sheets Hostel

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Fresh Sheets Hostel is the only hostel within the walls of Dubrovnik's Old Town and is professionally run by friendly Canadians and their local staff.

The Location

The hostel is the best located in the city for sightseeing as most of Dubrovnik's attractions lie within the Old Town. It is not, however, the most convenient either for the bus station/port or the beach (for a beach holiday it would perhaps be better to consider a hostel in the Lapad area). If arriving by bus from the airport or elsewhere it is necessary to transfer to another local bus (very frequent) to Pile Gate and then it's a good ten- to fifteen-minute walk through the entirely pedestrianised Old Town. This walk includes climbing some steep steps but the hostel can provide excellent directions and the journey takes in some of the key sights of the city.

Rooms and Bathrooms

The dorm rooms have single beds, provided with extra blankets in cold weather. The room at the very top of the building (named 'Heaven') suffers a great deal of exposure and as such is the coldest and noisiest (from the howling winds coming off the sea) of the rooms so if possible try to get into one of the lower rooms. Rooms are very comfortable and have a combined toilet/shower, which is small but contains all the standard amenities such as towel rack and toiletries storage. All rooms and bathrooms are clean and tidy.

Common Spaces

There is a small common seating area downstairs next to reception with the adjoining kitchen area right in front of the reception desk. These areas are rather small for the hostel's capacity and can get a bit busy but are well equipped and clean. There is also a computer in the corner with free internet access and a small selection of travel books should guests need further information on the local area. The facilities at Fresh Sheets, though small, are head and shoulders above the rest in Dubrovnik's hostel and budget guesthouse range. Fellow guests appear friendly and amicable, and any time spent in the social areas is likely to result in new acquaintances.


Fresh Sheets is overall a good hostel, providing the more familiar hostel model with typical amenities in a city whose budget accommodation market is largely dominated by the private rooms and spartan guesthouse sector.

Exclusive Hostelz.com Review
November 2009

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5   Great place to stay! The hostel itself is very clean and well kept. The owner John is a very cool guy [he is from Vancouver] and we even ran into him at the bar and shared some beers. Great atmosphere and location. I almost forgot, Ivo is a legend!  , Canada ()
5   Absolutely awesome! This place has got absolutely everything. The best staff I ever met -- make you feel just like home (you guys are great). Sparklingly clean, comfy facilities and common area. In the very heart of the old town. En-suite bathrooms. Breakfast included. Totally operational kitchen. Free internet. Need I say more? The only excuse you might got not to come here if you are in Dubrovnik is that it is already booked up. In any other case, you are making a huge mistake not staying here. Honest. This is a review written by a guy that has backpacked in central europe for one month a year the last eight years. you are not going to find many places like this anywhere from Estonia to Croatia.  , Basque ()

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