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Milimani Backpackers & Safari Centre Ltd

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Milimani Backpackers & Safari Centre is the ideal location for a traveller to rest and refresh. One can hook up with fellow backpackers for a safari, take up water rafting, mountain climbing or bird watching. We also cater for all your Road, Air and Walking Safari needs within East Africa.
Here, at Milimani Backpackers, we offer additional services, such as booking of train and bus/shuttle to other cities and towns, airport pick-ups and booking of regional flights. Our custom-made stress-free arrival eases you into Africa with no hassles at all - leaving you comfortable to enjoy your holiday.

Milimani Backpackers is named after the road it is situated on - Milimani Road. We are between Kenya Comfort Hotel and Salama Annexe Hotel, a 30 minutes drive from Jomo Kenyatta International Airport, and a 15 minute drive to Wilson Airport.

The hostel is about 1.5km to the city center, an easy 20 minute walk to the shops, supermarkets, restaurants, Post Office and Internet cafes. Several foreign embassies are around the area just up the road.

Milimani Backpackers is also adjacent to other hotels on Milimani Road - including Heron Court, Sagret Equatorial, Lenana Mount - and is therefore handy should travelers decide to drink or eat away from the hostel.

The hostel is open 24 hours a day, but generally the check-in time is 11.30am, and check-out time is 11.00am the following day.

Arriving early is no problem, but guests may have to wait in the rest areas until the previous occupants have checked out.

The entrance gate is locked after11pm at night, but there is always a watchman on duty to open up and a night manager to escort guests to their rooms.
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Hostelz.com Guest Reviews
1   DO NOT RECOMMEND i can say this was one of the worst hostels i stayed in in Africa. the owner is a very selfish lady who is basically just intent on getting as much money from guests as possible. when i was there one of the dogs they keep bit someone and they had to go to the hospital. they had to fight hard to get any compensation. i got a bad feeling from the moment i arrived.  , USA ()
1   Bad Experience I would like to warn people about Milimani Backpackers. It's in the guidebook. As a hostel it is fine enough but I had a really negative experience with them. They have an area in the back corner next to the wall where people can camp. One evening I was lying down in my tent when a big thunderstorm came. The thunder was really close so I got out and went inside the hostel. Less than five minutes later I came back to check if water was getting in and I found my tent was covered in bricks. The wall had fallen on it. If I had been inside I would have died or been very seriously hurt. My tent was destroyed and when I checked my new video camera I found the screen had been cracked. I found out later this was the 3rd time the wall had fallen and once before it had hit a tent but they still let people camp there. I assumed Patricia, the owner, would replace or fix my tent and camera without any problem, just happy I was alive. But to my surprise she refused to pay a cent. After a heated argument they finally agreed to look for estimates. That was the beginning of a long fight to get some compensation. The played all kinds of games with me. They lied, they didn't return my calls/messages/emails and they stalled me hoping I would give up. For awhile I stayed at the backpacker waiting for them and they refused to let me stay for free. In the end I finally got some cash four months later but only because I was so persistent. As for my tent they reluctantly gave me the cheapest old tent they had. It was useless against rain. For this I would have to say do not stay at Milimani Backpackers.  , Canada ()

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