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Guesthouse Mezcalero

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Hostelz.com's Review
This is not your average youth hostel. It is actually a hotel, but they do offer shared dorm rooms. It also constantly boasts about its full scale German breakfast, and hence also calls itself a bed and breakfast. Mezcalero is very nice, very clean, and meticulously decorated in Mexican splendor. The staff are extremely helpful, extremely friendly, and very laid back (provided you spend the extra 5 Euros on breakfast).

It's located north of the River Elbe in the Neustadt district, which has a greater concentration of restaurants and clubs. It is within walking distance of the Neustadt train station, but if you come in via the main Hauptbahnhof station, you will have to take the tram. The street where Mezcalero resides is busy and lined with cafes and shops, but the hotel is set back a bit from the road and is nice and quiet.
The rooms are spacious, the beds are comfortable, and a large table and chairs adorns the middle of the room. It makes a great place to hang out with the other hostel goers in your room, play cards, or eat a meal (other than breakfast) picked up at the local Plus supermarket. The rooms have a nice, clean, en suite bathroom so you only have to share with the others in your room. There is a very steep 10 Euro deposit for the room key, however. I spent most of my two days in Dresden constantly making sure I had not lost my key.

The bar acts as the offical commons area, serving the ever popular and solicited breakfast every morning from 7 AM to Noon, then drinks throughout the evening. The bar does serve a magnificent margarita, but lacks the excitement of a German pub or nightclub. This hotel attracts an older, more docile crowd that would prove very pleasing for those looking for a more quiet and relaxed stay. OH! And did I mention they serve breakfast?

Exclusive Hostelz.com Review
November 2004
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Hostelz.com Guest Reviews
5  I stayed there for two nights April, 2002. The place is beautifully decorated and very clean, warm, and friendly. I had a double with my friend and we got a lofted bed! (Unlike bunkbeds in other hostels, these are solid wooden lofts secured to the walls.) Out of all of the hostels we stayed in for the month of April, this was the one with the most unique character. We didn't get to check out any other rooms, but the ones they show in the pictures don't look anything like ours, so it seems their rooms are indeed "individually styled."  ()

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