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David's Cozy Auberge in Old Berlin

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Hostelz.com Guest Reviews
5   Very, very good it's very good place. David cozy Auberge is very cheap and clean. you can spend your time in comfort here. David is very kind, helpful. actually i have plan to stay 1 night. but i have stay 3 night. i highly recommend!  , age 29, Korea ()
4   I loved the place It is a warm place and Hostel team is friendly and I would to love stay in this hostel the next time I visit Berlin.  , Indian ()
1   A huge Joke I stayed there with my daughter. I ended up getting bit by some bugs -- I had bites all over my back, I told Adrian (a very nice man). He then told his boss David, who ask me to leave and he would get me a new place to stay for the last night in Berlin and he said he would give me a full refund. Well he only gave me a little bit of a refund and the place he found for me to stay was more expensive then Davids Hostel and therefore I couldnt afford it because I was on a budget. My daughter and I ended up staying awake all night in the train station which was freezing waiting for the ICE train back to Hamburg. I was lied to and misled and bitten by bedbugs. I will never stay at another Hostel again. Beware! stayed Oct. 7 and 8 then stayed at the train station on the 9th -- Thanks a lot David.  , USA ()
4   Great That was a great place to stay. Have no hesitation to make yourself at home, cooking, drinking, speaking, playing with all those crazy and various people from all over the world. I met amazing people there. Clean place, warm and comfortable!  , France ()
5  friendly, better than home.  ()
5  I was only there one night, but I had so much fun with David and Valentin that I never will forget it. They are sort of entertainers, and they should definitely join the show business! It is basically a living room with a kitchen, where everyone meets, and the bedrooms, which are sort of basic, but clean and quiet. Highly recommended.  ()
5  A small and nice little place, warm, clean and always has nice people. But it wasn't as gay as it was promised. Then David, the owner, came and said the gay guys were all going to John's hostel now. (John is David's son, I believe.) So I moved to John's and this was even more fun, in the gay boy's room. Both are great, with a lot of character.  ()
5  There were at least four showers there. I stayed for a week and used all of them after a while. It felt very much like at home there, and that is what counts for me the most, after having been in so many places that were as inviting as a train station. I found it to be clean enough and the staff were friendly and helpful. I had a lot of fun there, and we went out with the staff every single evening.  ()

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